Vail candidate questionnaire: Greg Moffet |

Vail candidate questionnaire: Greg Moffet

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Vail, CO Colorado

Q: Why are you running for Vail Town Council?

A: I love our community and feel privileged to live in such a great place among such great people. Given my experience, serving on Town Council is an effective way for me to give back.

Q: What are the biggest issues facing Vail right now?

A: The financial challenges posed by the uncertainty in the world’s economy create a set of, “givens” that all council members must face first and foremost. Financial responsibility is job one. That said, I will focus on preserving and growing our community. We all chose Vail over other parts of the Valley for a reason, and for a lot of us it was the very real community that we get to enjoy. I am worried about the slow erosion of that sense of community. Consequently, I will focus on keeping us a community as well as the world’s greatest resort (regardless of what Ski Magazine says).

Q: How would you rate the work the current Town Council has done? What are some specific examples of what it has done right and/or wrong?

A: The current Council has done a laudable job keeping the Town’s financial house in order. The last two Councils have faced uncertainty with aggressive marketing and product improvement, which helped Vail outperform other resort towns. This is an effective strategy that we shouldn’t curtail simply because we’ve had a good year.

I am concerned that the environment at Council meetings has become almost hostile. In this era of abandoned civility in politics, large and small, there’s no reason we can’t set a standard and operate our government as an example of integrity, fair dealing and civility.

Q: Do you generally support Vail Resorts’ proposed Ever Vail project? Why or why not?

A: Generally, yes. At the current level of specificity it’s pretty hard to argue with. As it moves further through the process, fairness may well dictate more give-and-take as impacts become more obvious. The project has to carry its own weight and offset its impacts on the developer and not the community.

Q: Ask and answer your own question that will help voters decide how to vote.

A: What are some of your contributions to Vail?

Thanks for asking. While on PEC, I chaired the process that resulted in the Lionshead Master plan, which ultimately resulted in Lionshead’s redevelopment. On Council. I pressed the issue of fast tracking the conversion of Donovan Park from a municipal construction dump to a showpiece park for our town. A few of us back in 2001 also pressed for the completion of a Donovan Park Pavilion. While Chuck Ogilby deserves credit for envisioning the gymnastics facility, I was very involved in getting it across the finish line. There was also all the development processes that resulted in our new commercial area as well is the Middle Creek project. For years Chris and I organized the West Vail Halloween Party featuring real Trick or Treating. An entire cohort of kids grew up yelling trick or treat at doors (and hopefully scaring the neighbors with frightening costumes!) on Halloween, the way it was meant to be. I’m pretty proud of my record. I wouldn’t take many decisions back.

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