Vail candidate questionnaire: Ludwig Kurz |

Vail candidate questionnaire: Ludwig Kurz

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Vail, CO Colorado

Q: Why are you running for Vail Town Council?

A: I am excited to be running for council again. I previously served on council for eight years, (four years as mayor), and believe I made positive contributions to the community.

Recently retired, I still have the commitment and passion for Vail and now have more time to devote to the office and the constituents of Vail. Through my experience, integrity and respect for the members of our community, I will be able to foster an atmosphere of cooperation. My background in the resort industry and international experience will be valuable in the marketplace. I believe I can make a difference!

Q: What are the biggest issues facing Vail right now?

A: There are a number of issues facing Vail which will need careful consideration. I believe the two most critical are:

The state of the local, national, and global economy, and what Vail can do not only to survive, but flourish, during challenging times. (We did extremely well last year compared to most other resort communities.) Resort communities will need to respond to changes quickly and effectively.

A more direct concern is the redevelopment of Timber Ridge employee housing. If no definitive action is taken in the near future, Timber Ridge could become a burden on the town’s financial resources.

Q: How would you rate the work the current Town Council has done? What are some specific examples of what it has done right and/or wrong?

A: I believe that the present council has done a good job overall for the community. Due to the council’s conservative fiscal policies, the town is in a strong financial position. Improvement could occur in the area of communication with members of the community, applicants and staff during public sessions.

Q: Do you generally support Vail Resorts’ proposed Ever Vail project? Why or why not?

A: I am in support of the proposed Ever Vail project for the following reasons:

Assuming that the overall economy will make a slow recovery within the next five to 10 years, the first parts of this project might well be ready at a time when Vail will need new, fresh and exciting inventory and amenities for the market. It will provide another access point to the mountain via what should be a state of the art gondola, and it will offer additional public parking and other amenities. If the economy remains slow, I believe this project would be delayed for some time.

Q: Ask and answer your own question that will help voters decide how to vote.

A: Why Ludwig “Ludi” Kurz?

Town Council is made up of seven individuals who need to interact as a team to make the best decisions for the community and to provide the best services within the constraints of budgets. While sound business policies and procedures are vital, Town Council does not function like a corporation. Through my abilities as a consensus builder, I am able to facilitate the interactions between council members, staff and members of the public.

I believe my prior experience in community relations and on council, my level-headed approach to problem solving, and my diplomacy and respect for others makes me well-suited for a seat on the Vail Town Council.

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