Vail candidate questionnaire: Rayla Kundolf |

Vail candidate questionnaire: Rayla Kundolf

Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

Q. Why are you running for Vail Town Council?

A: A fresh new perspecitve! I would steward this responsibility by developing Vail into a year-round sustainable community. This can be done. We have an established medical community that is known worldwide. We need to cultivate this partnership. It would create jobs, bring more families to Vail and be well on our way to a year-round economy.

Timber Ridge and Ever Vail are on the horizon and decisions will need to be made by the incoming council. There needs to be open discussions with Vail Resorts, the town of Vail and the community. Council needs to ensure that there is a positive and harmonious ending for all parties involved. Timber Ridge redevelopment could be part of the year-round economy. Housing for families. Ever Vail development is a great opportunity for all, the community, the ski industry and Vail itself. This is a partnership and both parties need to move forward to making this a positive for Vail.

I would like to encourage more public forums. I believe more conversation and resolve to make things easier for homeowners and business owners to work with the town of Vail. Having open and ongoing conversation will help clarify issues and reach mutually successful resolutions.

Lastly, to work at keeping our relationship with Vail Resorts strong, positive and ongoing.

Q: What are the biggest issues facing Vail right now?

A: Vail’s economic vitality. All we need to do is maintain and increase Vail’s economic vitality. We have the tools: lodging, marketing, events, ski industry, medical community, construction, real estate, retail, education and much more. All of these are the fuel for this engine to keep moving right along into the future of year-round sustainable community.

Q: How would you rate the work the current Town Council has done? What are some specific examples of what it has done right and/or wrong?

The Current Council has done an OK job. There are always two sides and you can never make anyone person happy, but as a whole, the council works for the people in Vail and have a done good job.

Q: Do you generally support Vail Resorts’ proposed Ever Vail project? Why or why not?

A: Yes, I support the Ever Vail Project. It is years from completion, however open communication with Vail Resorts, town of Vail and the community will vital for its success.

Q: Ask and answer your own question that will help voters decide how to vote.

A: What needs to be added to enhance Vail’s economic vitality?

We can raise the bar in our ambassadorship to our guests and add more layering of what the town has to offer. Vail Symposium, Vail Jazz, Vail Film Festival, Bravo, Dance could expand their programs year-round. Add an element of live theater, comedy club, more live music. People come from the world’s greatest cities and they play hard during the day, but it shouldn’t end at dinner. We market “No Place On Earth” – let’s make it so. In doing this, it enhances the Vail brand, adds opportunities for businesses to grow and jobs for our community and builds the year-round economy.

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