Vail candidate questionnaire: Stephen Connolly |

Vail candidate questionnaire: Stephen Connolly

Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

Q: Why are you running for Vail Town Council?

A: Vail is my home and I care about what happens here. I bring a skill set and critical thought process that the town could use. It is my civic duty to run.

Q: What are the biggest issues facing Vail right now?

A: Ever Vail, Timber Ridge and parking.

Q: How would you rate the work the current Town Council has done? What are some specific examples of what it has done right and/or wrong?

A: Overall, the current Town Council has done a good job. The work done with town staff on the financial front is a good example of their effectiveness. They could have done a better job handling the process for the vote on the conference center funds.

Q: Do you generally support Vail Resorts’ proposed Ever Vail project? Why or why not?

A: I do support Ever Vail. It will eventually happen and we need to make sure it is done in a way that is best for the community.

Q: Ask and answer your own question that will help voters decide how to vote.

A: Paper or plastic? This was a question asked at a candidates’ forum six or eight years ago. I don’t think that anyone got it right. The correct answer was, and is, “neither.” We need to step up our commitment to all things environmental. Too many people are not taking the “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” mantra to heart. Our economy depends on a healthy planet. We need to start by raising the awareness in our young people. Think globally and act locally.

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