Vail candidates tout qualifications |

Vail candidates tout qualifications

From staff reports

Editor’s Note: The Vail Valley Chamber and Tourism Bureau sent questionnaires to the eight candidates running for Vail Town Council. Portions of their responses will run periodically in the Vail Daily this week.

What Characteristics best qualify you as a candidate for Town Council?

Mark Gordon: I’m smart enough to know that I don’t have all the answers, and I’m optimistic enough to believe I can make a difference.

Bill Jewitt: I am able to look at issues with a view toward the long-term health and well being of the community and then make the tough decisions when necessary.

Kent Logan: Thirty Years successful financial management experience. No special interest or conflicts of interest and no ties to Vail Resorts Inc.

Greg Moffet: I am passionate about making Vail great. I am a successful business owner, husband and father – not necessarily in that order. I ski, bike – road and mountain – trail run, snow shoe, skate and coach kids. I haven’t lost touch with what brought most of us here. Oh, and a long time ago in a place far away I was a lawyer, but I got better.

Paul Rondeau: Clear, systematic decision-making, weight pros and cons, multiple factors and option considerations. Consensus building through inclusionary concepts. Time and passion.

Kim Ruotolo: I am an open-minded individual willing to listen to all sides of an issue before making a decision. I am keenly interested in the vitality of our town as the place where I would like my young children to grow up. As a member of the Vail Local Housing Authority since 2001, I have experienced working within the town governmental structure and am aware of the process it can entail. I am honest, ethical principled, but flexible, and have a good sense of humor.

Rod Slifer: I love Vail. I bring experience, vision and a burning desire to make Vail No. 1 in every way.

How would you characterize the role of Town Council?

Jewitt: The council should provide a vision for the future of Vail and the policy direction necessary to achieve it while leaving management to the town manager and staff.

Logan: Chief policy-making governmental body

Moffet: Town Council should provide policy, infrastructure and public amenities, and address issues that the private sector can’t or won’t handle, such noise, recreational migration, employee housing and economic stimulus.

Rondeau: Like any organization, maintain a current mission, develop a vision and strategy to get there, prepare a work plan, work the plan, measure and report to stakeholders, make adjustments and do it again. Government just adds a certain “care and feeding.” A common thread is leadership – especially from the mayor.

Ruotolo: Town Council members are the leaders of the community with a charge to make decisions that will improve the long-term health and vitality of the Town.

Slifer: Council must provide municipal services at the lowest cost. In addition, it must have the vision and mission to prepare for the future.

Gordon: The Town Council has two major roles in the community, “representation” and “leadership.” It is important to maintain a balance between these two roles.

Note: The eighth candidate, Dave McDougall, did not turn in his responses.

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