Vail Cascade goes vertical with new training programs |

Vail Cascade goes vertical with new training programs

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VAIL – Athletic training is evolving beyond stationary equipment to integrate full-body regiments that purposefully engage participants both physically and mentally. Aria Spa & Club is embracing this next fitness wave and giving it a dose of high altitude for an additional kick. Starting this week, Aria is home to the Rocky Mountains’ first FitWall, a state-of-the-art indoor vertical training system that delivers high-intensity workouts on a compressed workout schedule. Aria will also have a TRX Suspension Trainer, a free-form, bodyweight exercise that simultaneously develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Both of these innovative training systems are part of Aria’s ongoing renovation efforts that also include a new Biospace Body Composition Analyzer, 16 new cardio machines and spin bikes, facility upgrades, and an expanded fitness class schedule.”For 30 years, Aria has challenged professional and aspiring athletes to take their fitness performance to the next level and the addition of FitWall and TRX Suspension Training simply keep that commitment alive and kicking,” said Shaun Evans, general manager of Aria Spa & Club. “At Aria, we believe that exercise is not an activity, it’s an attitude and everyone has attitude, we just give them the facility and resources to unleash it.” Hardcore intensity and efficiency are major concepts behind FitWall and TRX Suspension Training. The training involves precise, intensive repetitions that result in performance improvements relatively quickly, without spending an enormous amount of time in the gym. The most noticeable benefits are weight loss, increased endurance, improved flexibility and muscle tone. Another advantage of both systems is they facilitate a constant rotation of exercise variations that keep routines fresh and challenging. FitWall is a compact, carbon steel vertical training system that maximizes 30-minute workouts by forcing the user to work against gravity. Using body weight for resistance, athletes engage and challenge all muscle groups, burning calories quickly, shaping the body, and increasing functional strength. The system allows for quick transitions between exercise routines without switching machines or adding weights that interrupt the rhythm of a workout. Individual wall stations are placed together to encourage camaraderie and group support, averting the isolation that can occur when working out alone. Starting this week, Aria will offer five new FitWall classes per week. For maximum FitWall experience, each class will be limited to eight participants on a first come, first serve basis or call to register in advance at 970-476-7400.

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