Vail Chamber & Business Association: Denver trade show is in November |

Vail Chamber & Business Association: Denver trade show is in November

Lourdes FerzaccaVail Chamber & Business Association

Calling all Vail business owners: It is time to prepare for the 2007-08 winter season! Just because the squirrels have not started gathering their nuts does not mean we cannot prepare ourselves for a fat winter. As a local business owner and president of the Vail chamber board of directors, I cannot stress enough the importance of even the smallest representation of your business at the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Exposition this year. The Vail Chamber & Business Association and Vail Mountain will be present at this widely attended event in Denver. Last year, we brought everything from pamphlets to prizes from various restaurants, retail stores and other businesses. It is up to you to decide how youll leave your mark on those visiting the Vail chamber booth. This years projected attendance is 35,000 people. It is the biggest and most widely attended ski and snowboard exposition in the state. Therefore, it is to your advantage to put your name out there. Additionally, your participation in this popular event is free through the Chamber and is a perfect opportunity to showcase your business with ski resorts from France to Canada to South America. So when the attendees are roaming around from booth to booth trying to decide where they will spend their winter vacations, lets decide for them by presenting ourselves with passion. The Vail chamber will be an active member at the expo for all three days, starting Nov. 9 through the events closing on Nov. 11. Please work with us in gathering your plans and ideas for promotions to make this a fun and profitable event for all who attend.Speaking of preparing, whats for dinner? The Vail chamber is working to organize a new publication: the Vail Cookbook. It will include recipes from both members and restaurants in the community but will be broken into sections between restaurants and personal favorites. The cookbook is expected to include about 500 recipes and be available valley-wide.Although the finished product will not reach shelves until Thanksgiving, we will only be accepting recommendations from now until Sept.1. The Chamber welcomes all contributions and will provide forms for your convenience to facilitate the process. All entries printed will acknowledge the person from whom the recipe came. The cookbook hopefully will provide fond memories of Vails culinary delights for those who take it home with them. We suggest that the recipes submitted be something that is often requested by family and guests and that the ingredients are easily obtainable. If anyone is interested in submitting a recipe, contact the Vail chamber & Business Association and we will send an application your way. You may reach the Vail Chamber at 477-0075 or by e-mail at

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