Vail Chamber introduces the Vail-only gift card |

Vail Chamber introduces the Vail-only gift card

Lourdes FerzaccaVail Chamber & Business Association

The next time you are thinking about which restaurant, hotel or Vail shop to buy a gift certificate from, make the easy choice and get one that is welcomed at all of them. The Vail Chamber & Business Association is proud to reintroduce the Vail Gift Card, exclusively available through the Vail Chamber. As many know, its not hard to come to Vail and max out a credit card. With this clever way to track your cash and manage the budget, you can create security for you, your family and business.The Vail Chamber & Business Association gift-certificate card is good at more than 200 stores in Vail. The chambers Discover card, which is used as a gift certificate, can be used only in Vail and only where Discover is accepted. It can be preloaded up to a maximum of $500. The minimum is $25. Use it like a credit card, but this time, you are in control, and its not personalized; its a gift card that can buy almost anything you can think of while shopping in Vail. The point of the card is to promote Vail and provide a safe way for visitors and residents to spend their money. For instance, many parents allow their children to take the parents credit or debit cards or loose cash around town while on vacation. This card eliminates the chance of cash being lost and having to worry that your credit or debit card could be over-drawn. In addition, parents, friends and those sending a gift to loved ones can do so over the phone within minutes by calling the Vail Chamber. Checking your balance can be done by calling an operator or going online.The card also functions as a business-expense accounting tool. Wouldnt it be great to be able to provide your employees with a way to use their money wherever they wanted while still keeping the money in Vail? Or while at a conference, what a cool promotional prize or employee incentive for attendees to have while out and about in town. There are endless ways to use this card.To address any concerns local business owners might have, this card was created with you in mind. It is used exactly like a credit card using existing point-of-sale card-reader equipment. There will be no additional equipment required. The settlement will appear with your regular credit-card statement. The mission on our part is to make this a fast, easy and convenient shopping experience for everyone. By supporting this gift card, you are helping keep money circulating in Vail, benefiting your business, and you also are backing your local chamber of commerce. The reason for working with Discover is simply because it is the only credit-card company that has the ability to define the area where the card can be redeemed. If offered through a special program, Discover also has the ability to limit the cards use to specific businesses. The sales possibilities are limitless for a wide variety of local promotions. The only way to get your hands on this perfect gift is to walk into our office, located at 241 South Frontage Road, in the transportation center, before you enter the village, or call the Vail Chamber at 477-0075. For the list of businesses where the card is accepted, visit If you are thinking of spending time in Vail, and thinking of how you will be spending your money, then think about the Vail Chambers gift card.Lourdes Ferzacca is president of the Vail Chamber & Business Associations board of directors.

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