Vail Chamber: Snow sets up community for success (column) |

Vail Chamber: Snow sets up community for success (column)

Marco Valenti
Vail Chamber
Marco Valenti

Wow, what a difference a year makes. As Vail Chamber & Business Association Board members, we are afforded an opportunity to share our thoughts with you all in a somewhat regular fashion. I feel fortunate that my articles bookend the winter season and allow me to share my thoughts on what the season may bring and to recognize our successes at the season’s close.

Palpable positivity

This time last year my article was intended to highlight opportunity inherent when less than average snow falls upon us. No need for that this year. Snow is abundant and the positivity is palpable throughout town. I suggest that we all capitalize on the momentum that Mother Nature has created and ensure that our operations are performing at world-class standards.

The snow conditions are the only thing we can’t control but, in a year like this, we benefit from greatly. To highlight our current position as we all look toward what this winter will hold, I will share the words of a wise, old friend. Kenny Friedman, a great mentor to many of us across town, was gifted in clarifying the feeling and sentiment of Vail and shared his learnings with me on the dual benefit of great early season snowfall. He explained when we have great snow, our destination guests over the holidays will return home with their experiences of just how good the snow is. They will share their excitement — or stoke, if you will — with their friends and family across the globe. This positive message (and free marketing) snowballs from there and will continue to drive guests for the remainder of the season. Compound this phenomena with the widespread snow message being exported daily via social media, and we will realize the benefit of increasing visitation from our guests’ promotional messages alone.

“I suggest that we all capitalize on the momentum that Mother Nature has created and ensure that our operations are performing at world-class standards.”

The second element is one which we all directly participate in and drive. The snow puts us in our happy place and keeps us smiling; thus, we exude our stoke more readily. The bad days are not as bad and the need to choose to be positive is much less a factor. Happiness is abundant and contagious, and we effortlessly share that in our businesses, with each other and with our guests. As a result, it’s not only the snow the guests are reveling in, but our people, our fun and our enjoyment. Our guests will leave feeling like they are a part of Vail, and become ambassadors for our town.

Mother Nature delivered, now it’s our turn. We are set up for success and it is up to each of us to ensure we maximize the potential. I look forward to enjoying what this season brings for all of us. Cheers to an amazing winter.

Marco Valenti is the area manager for Vail Resorts Retail, the retail division of Vail Resorts, and oversees 15 shops in Vail. Valenti is a Vail Chamber & Business Association board member. The Vail Chamber & Business Association is a business advocacy group in Vail and a communications outlet for businesses that want to have a voice in community affairs. For more information, call 970-477-0075 or email

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