Vail Comedy Show brings Mike Stanley to Moe’s Original BBQ in Eagle Nov. 29 |

Vail Comedy Show brings Mike Stanley to Moe’s Original BBQ in Eagle Nov. 29

Mike Stanley
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  • What: Vail Comedy Show featuring Mike Stanley
  • When: Nov. 29, doors open at 8 p.m., show starts at 8:30 p.m.
  • Where: Moe's Original BBQ in Eagle
  • More info:

Vail Comedy Show is back Tuesday, Nov. 29, for a special pop-up show featuring Mike Stanley at Moe’s Original BBQ in Eagle.

“This will be our second show in Eagle, and we love doing shows there, the crowds are great and the staff at Moe’s is amazing,” Mark Masters, organizer of Vail Comedy Show, said. The show will return to Eagle again on Dec. 14.

Mike Stanley was once voted “Chicago’s Best Comedian” and is one of the national comedy scene’s journeymen. He tours relentlessly with his acerbic wit and clever yet crass style. He will be joined by Matt Cobos from Denver. We caught up with him over Thanksgiving.

Have you ever performed in Eagle/Vail Valley?

A handful of times, I recently spent a week in Eagle fly fishing with my father and it was beautiful. I managed to catch the smallest rainbow trout in the Fryingpan. I’m pretty sure I set a record.

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Do you have a favorite Colorado comedy memory from any mountain town?

I always love playing the mountain towns. There’s a certain amount of appreciation they have for performers in places like that. When you’re in those towns, that don’t necessarily have a comedy club per-se, the people generally show up with a certain amount of excitement which you can feel in the room.

What do you know about the Vail Comedy Show?

I’ve seen the caliber of comedians coming through. I spend a lot of time touring and Colorado was my home for six years before the pandemic. It’s hard to be everywhere, but when you notice shows with killer lineups and headliners you respect, you take note and hope you’re able to put something together. This is one of those shows.

Tell us about your new special

It’s actually a funny story. It wasn’t meant to be a special. If it was, I would have dressed better. I was asked to do a benefit show in Milwaukee. Big theater, sold out. I headlined. The producer asked if he could tape it and I agreed. Years later he ended up working for a pretty prominent record label. He hit me up with “Hey, I’ve got this killer set of yours and it’s shot beautifully. You want us to put this out on the label?” I agreed and boom, next thing I know it is on Amazon Prime. The rest is history.

Heard you recently relocated to NYC, what do you like about comedy in NYC?

I’m not actually a NYC resident. I try and spend about a week there every month between tour dates. There’s a certain amount of brevity with New York comedians that I’ve always respected. They don’t waste any time. Every word in the joke pushes it forward, so you see material that is quick and concise, which I’ve always admired.

You are bringing Matt Cobos with you, can you talk about him and his comedy?

Aside from being one of the funniest people I know, he’s also a good friend. It’s impossible to not like him on and off stage. We watch each other so we can bounce ideas back and forth which is invaluable. He’s someone I know I can trust to not only be hilarious but also be a professional off-stage. There’s no ego with Matt. He’s just a funny, lovable person. We try and work together when our schedules line up as much as possible but he’s started headlining and I couldn’t be happier because he deserves it.

How would you describe your comedy?

I like a lot of different styles of comedy and joke writing so you’re going to see that when I perform. Quick, fast jokes, jokes for jokes’ sake, a pun here and there, bigger ideas and personal stories. I don’t think there’s any specific style I gravitate towards. I don’t like gimmicks. I’m just showing you what I think is funny and making it relatable enough in hopes that you go along with me.

What is next for Mike Stanley?

Currently, my focus is on tightening up this new hour for another special. I might put this one out myself without a label. After that, I’ll reevaluate. Right now I’m just happy that clubs and shows reach out and ask me to perform regularly. It’s greatly appreciated.

Vail Comedy Show has more shows coming up including a surprising lineup at a new venue in early January. Lisa Curry from Los Angeles will be performing in Eagle Jan. 14 and Vail on Dec. 15. Sean Patton, whose new special produced by Michael Che is out Dec. 2 on Peacock will be at Chasing Rabbits in Solaris Plaza on Jan. 7. Featured on that show will be Amy Miller who performed at Ball Arena in Denver for ten thousand people last summer. Steve Gillespie from CONAN will be in Eagle Jan. 18 and Vail Jan. 19. 

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