Vail Comedy Show returns this week with headliner Orion Levine

Comedian Orion Levine will headline two shows in the Vail Valley this week.
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Vail Comedy Show is back on Wednesday, Oct. 11 in Eagle at Moe’s Original BBQ and on Thursday, Oct. 12 in Vail Village at Shakedown Bar. Los Angeles comedian Orion Levine from “The Late Late Show with James Corden” will be headlining. Below are some of Levine’s responses from a recent Q&A.

Have you ever performed in the Vail Valley?

To be completely honest, I have never been to Vail Valley, but believe me when I say I fully expect Vail Valley to change my life forever. I vow to become a loyal Vail head after this week.

Do you have a favorite Colorado comedy memory? 

Colorado is one of my favorite comedy scenes in the country. There are so many comedians, shows, open mics, and amazing comedy clubs in this state that it should be a crime. Every time I come here, I feel like a part of something special. Colorado fans of comedy — I hope you all know how good you have it!

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You taped a stand-up set on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” what can you tell us about that experience?

Doing a set on late night is one of those glistening dreams that every stand-up comedian has. I was so unbelievably honored to be featured on the show, and the entire day lived up to every expectation I could have had. 

What do you know about Vail Comedy Show?

I have heard from all sorts of comics about how good this show is. I truly cannot wait to stop by and do my thing. Please come and say hi. I will be the guy in the Vail Daily shirt. Note for the editors — reach out to me about where I should go to pick up my shirt. 

Any major events coming up?

I did a ton of touring this summer, so I am really excited to be back at my house eating things that are sustainable for the human body and getting enough sleep to function properly, but before that, I’m spending two weeks in New York City. I also filed for an extension on my taxes, so I look forward to procrastinating on that up until the last possible day. 

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You live in Los Angeles but tour nationally, how does Colorado compare to other markets?

Like I said, the Colorado comedy scene is one of the best, but that is in part because the audiences here are among the happiest to perform for! Don’t take too much credit though, that might just be because of the oxygen levels. 

How would you describe your comedy?

If you asked my stepmom, she would say “insulting,” but I think I’m funny! I tend to write a lot of jokes about my weird family, my weird girlfriend, my weird roommates, my weird body, and my weird lack of money in my bank account. 

What is next for Orion Levine?

Well, in the moment that I am writing this at 2:20 p.m., I am going to step outside of my apartment for the first time today. I’m also going to Louisiana to perform in the Prize Festival, New York City for my show and New York Comedy Festival, and then taping some stand up, which will be released later this year, so follow me on all the social media apps so you don’t miss them! See you at Vail Comedy Show!

Vail Comedy Show will be back Nov. 15 and 16 with David Studebaker from Los Angeles and Dec. 6 and 7 with two Jakes from New York City, Jake Silberman and Jake Velazquez. Shows will be in Eagle and Vail both months.

Tickets for all shows are available at

The Vail Comedy Show brings two more nights of laughter this week.
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