Vail community survey will ask about parking |

Vail community survey will ask about parking

VAIL — Residents and property owners will probably be asked some in-depth questions about parking in the next Vail community survey.

The survey, taken every two years, is one way town officials try to determine what they’re doing right, what they should be doing differently and what they should be paying more, or less, attention to.

Council members Tuesday afternoon met with consultant Chris Cares, of RRC Associates, which has put together previous town surveys. Cares said many of the survey questions have remained the same during the past decade or so. But new questions are always considered.

Dale Bugby, who ran for council this past fall with increasing the town’s parking supply as one of his goals, suggested that the survey ask some pointed questions about the topic.

“We have more questions about the library than we do about parking,” Bugby said, adding that other questions should ask about working more with Eagle County on transit and, perhaps, asking if it might be time for the town to go into debt to expand the parking supply.

“I think a few more questions would provide us with more insight,” he said.

Council member and Mayor Pro Tem Ludwig Kurz, running the meeting since Mayor Andy Daly was absent, said it could be a good idea to ask about changes in the town’s parking scene since the previous survey in 2012.

Valley Voices Matter

Aside from parking, council member Jenn Bruno said it might be a good idea to ask residents and property owners what they’d like to see in Vail that doesn’t now exist.

Council member Margaret Rogers asked for a question about using town reserve funds to help support events including the Burton U.S. Open Snowboard Championships, coming to Vail for the second time in late February and early March.

Rogers said she wants to hear from people whether it’s worth using reserve funds for events held when Vail is already busy.

Council member Dave Chapin said he wants to hear from residents about retail marijuana sales in town.

Postcards inviting people to take the on-line survey are expected to be mailed in late March or early April.

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