Vail consultant: Travel economy still volatile |

Vail consultant: Travel economy still volatile

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado

Who they talked to: Ralf Garrison, director of the Mountain Travel Research Project

What they talked about: Garrison presented the Vail Town Council with the most recent numbers related to the mountain travel industry’s performance over the summer months. The numbers, as of Oct. 31, show that the marketplace is still volatile, Garrison said.

Consumer confidence is also lagging well behind where mountain markets would like it to be, he said.

“It looks like another season where we have to earn our keep, earn our demand,” Garrison said.

Economics continue to be uncertain and unpredictable, he said, and it continues to be a buyer’s market.

He said that while Vail and the ski industry as a whole are doing better than other mountain towns and industries respectively, the country is entering a third year facing tough economic indicators.

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