Vail Council learns about events, history |

Vail Council learns about events, history

Present: Foley, Tjossem, Newbury, Cleveland, Rogers, Daly, Donovan.

Issue: Vail Local Marketing District Budget. Meeting as the district board, the council passed the 2012 budget, with Foley dissenting because of his belief the group should be funneling 25 percent of its annual budget to the Vail Commission on Special Events.

Who they talked to: Adam Sutner of Vail Resorts and town economic development director Kelli McDonald. Sutner told council members about this year’s successes – increased summer business thanks to special events and a growing number of summer tourists from Mexico.

Sutner also told the council about preliminary plans for 2012, including a Memorial Day event, the possibility of some kind of rock or pop music festival in the summer, and, of course, Vail’s 50th anniversary.

Those anniversary events won’t get truly started until December of next year, and are still being hammered out by a committee, but Sutner said the initial plans call for a big splash in December, followed by other events in 2013.

McDonald told the council that while sporting tournaments and similar events are starting to dominate the summer calendar, visits by corporate groups – which dropped dramatically after the world financial crisis of 2008 – are starting to pick up again, especially in May and October.

Issue: A lease with the Colorado Department of Transportation for Frontage Road parking in the winter.

Who they talked to: Town public works director Greg Hall. Hall told the council that the town is still negotiating with the state over terms of a new lease for parking space on the frontage roads. Hall said the lease as currently proposed has several items the town doesn’t want, including the schedule of payments and the length of the lease once the town pays for and completes safety improvements along the roads.

What’s next: More negotiations.

Issue: Regulations to recognize and protect historical structures and features in town.

Who they talked to: Town community development director George Ruther, who gave council members an update on work being done regarding historical preservation regulations.

Council members told Ruther they’d like to have more public involvement in drafting the possible regulations, and would like to see the scope of the rules expanded beyond just Vail Village.

What’s next: Ruther said he and his people would take the council’s advice, and will be back with more information in the next few weeks.

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