Vail council passes drone regs |

Vail council passes drone regs

Daily staff report

Board: Vail Town Council.

Meeting: Tuesday evening session.

Present: Kevin Foley, Greg Moffet, Jenn Bruno, Jen Mason, Dick Cleveland, Mayor Dave Chapin.

Absent: Kim Langmaid.

Issue: First reading of Ordinance 21.

What it does: The ordinance regulates recreational drone use over town-owned property. The ordinance is lengthy, but limits the weight of drones to no more than 55 pounds and limits maximum altitude to 400 feet. Drones can’t be flown near pedestrians, cyclists or motorists, or over playgrounds or sporting events. Drone’s can’t interfere with other aircraft, and can’t be operated from a moving vehicle or other aircraft. Drones can’t be operated in pedestrian areas of Vail Village, Lionshead Village or Ford Park or in or above parking structures.

How they voted: 6-0.

What’s next? Second reading — final approval — could come as soon as the Oct. 4 council meeting.

Issue: First reading of Ordinance 22.

What it does: Revises the town’s smoking ordinance. The heart of the matter is that no smoking is allowed within 15 feet of doorways in commercial areas. The prohibition also includes e-cigarettes.

How they voted: 5-1, with Moffet opposed, saying the 15-foot rule isn’t restrictive enough.

What’s next? Second reading could be as soon as Oct. 4.

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