Vail Dail letter: For Kirchner, Ford |

Vail Dail letter: For Kirchner, Ford

Tracy Walters
Eagle-Vail, CO, Colorado

I wanted to take a moment to offer this letter first to express my appreciation to Steven Kirchner for the countless hours he has given to our community and to also offer my full support for his candidacy for the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District Board of Directors.

I met Steven about three years ago as I was first becoming involved in understanding and addressing various issues within the Eagle-Vail community. Steven is a remarkably energetic and insightful person and has given a remarkable amount of time to this community in his service on the Development Committee as well as the Design Review Committee. His face is among that handful of faces you can count on seeing at almost every community meeting or volunteer project.

So much work has been done to identify, catalog and prioritize various issues and initiatives for our community, and Steven has contributed his time and energy and has a great deal of insight to bring to the table. His voice would be a welcomed addition to the board of directors of Eagle-Vail.

Similarly, Reed Ford has worked very hard and volunteered much of his time to attend meetings and contribute his thoughts and insight to ensuring Eagle-Vail moves forward in addressing its aging infrastructure and amenities. He too has been a welcomed addition to the Board of Directors. In my opinion, what counts in this election is experience. It is one thing to come to the table claiming to be a good addition to the board and promising to give your time and attention to the betterment of the community. It is something else altogether to make that claim when you have shown your willingness to come to almost every meeting and stay past the initial public input and into the late hours of the evening when the details are being presented, discussed and debated. Steven and Reed have both shown their willingness to assist in coming up with solutions to community issues as well as to challenge the board when they have felt it necessary.

I fully support Kirchner and Ford in their candidacy for the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District Board of Directors and encourage the owners and residents of Eagle-Vail to do the same.

Tracy Walters

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