Vail Dail letter: Gratitude beyond words from Franke family |

Vail Dail letter: Gratitude beyond words from Franke family

The Franke Family
Vail, CO, Colorado

The entire Franke family would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to the Vail Valley community.

Vail has always been our home and we have always felt blessed to live here, but these last few weeks have re-affirmed what a truly amazing group of people live here.

The tragedy of losing a loved one is an awful burden for anyone to bear, but the outpouring of love and support we have felt over the past few weeks is beyond words.

From the day of our father’s passing, neighbors and friends have been at our doorstep with food and hugs, offering to do whatever they could.

Our family would like to thank you all. We keep Father Hugh Guentner in our prayers for the lovely sermon and service. Thank you to Erik Williams of the Lutheran Church for your IT expertise.

Thank you to Pepi and Sheika, Kira and Sheika and the entire Gramshammer extended family for their heartfelt eulogies and opening Pepi’s Restaurant for a celebration of life.

Peter sure would have enjoyed the party! Your hospitality is one of a kind. Chef Helmut and Peter Haller, the food was delicious and the legacy will continue.

Gary and Liz Leeds, you commemorated a lifetime of memories on a beautiful DVD. This is a gift we will continue to cherish and one that left no eye dry at the Vail Chapel.

Our dear friends Sue and Stewart Eves and EPS, who printed the wonderful memorial program, enlarged our favorite family ski photos, and made sure there was plenty of Grand Marnier for Peter’s toast.

Susan Rapson and the Secret Garden, who not only wowed guests one year ago at Brooke and Brett’s wedding, but once again presented beautiful bouquets for everyone to enjoy.

We thank the entire Kelley family, the epitome of kinship, love and support.

Pat Hamilton, we thank you for your beautiful songs and timeless voice.

Jeff and Ed you are our guardian angels and we appreciate your support.

Sincerely, we would like to thank everyone who came to celebrate and honor the life of a true Vail local. If you measure your age by your friends, our loving father and husband indeed lived a long life.

There are many more unsung heroes in this tale. Thank you all! We are blessed every day for your friendship. Thank you to our many friends, family and even co-workers who traveled from afar to commemorate a man who will be missed by many.

In closing, we hope you treasure each day for the gift that it represents. Call your loved ones right now and tell them that you love them, and never stop telling them.

Thank you, Vail, for making us feel so loved while we continue to feel so heartbroken. We want to cherish the memories of our dear father and husband, so please continue to share your stories and memories of Peter Franke with us. They bring a smile to our face and ensure his memory will never fade: (

With gratitude and thanks,

The Franke Family: Patty, Brooke, Brittany and even Niko (woof!)

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