Vail Daily 30th anniversary look back: 2003 |

Vail Daily 30th anniversary look back: 2003

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VAIL, Colorado – Trista and Ryan: Just saying it out loud makes our insides happy.Trista Rehn was a Miami Heat dancer and generally worshipped. She still is.One of Ryan Sutter’s buddies double-dog dared the Vail firefighting stud-god to send his application to the ABC television network’s “Bachelorette,” so that he might woo the fair Trista – along with a dozen and a half other suitors.Eventually, other pretenders were cast aside and Trista cut Ryan from the herd. On national television, Feb. 20, 2003, he dropped to his knee and asked, “Wilt thou?” Trista said yes, but let us always be mindful that while Trista is a flower, she is no shrinking violet.The two became a growth industry with ABC, Vail Resorts and few other sponsors funding their storybook wedding. Trista and Ryan still dwell among us. They have a couple adorable kids – which makes sense since they’re both smokin’ hot – and are in the process of living happily ever after.

At the opposite end of the sexual spectrum, in late June Kobe Bryant arrived in Vail for knee surgery and kicked off Cirque de Kobe.Along with knee surgery, he managed to get himself charged with forcible rape after a local girl made the accusation.He was trying to get in and out of town without his employer, the Los Angeles Lakers, knowing about it. Had he kept his rocket in his pocket for the required 24 hours he would have made it.As it turns out, Lakers coach Phil Jackson was about six miles away in Edwards and he didn’t know about any of it, either.District Attorney Mark Hurlbert held a press conference in which he insisted Kobe did it. A few hours later, Kobe cried at a press conference held by his defense attorneys Pamela Mackey and Harold Haddon, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. They insisted Kobe did something silly, nothing more. Cirque de Kobe was the best show in town and it lasted more than a year.Staff Writer Randy Wyrick can be reached at 970-748-2935 or

March 6, 2003: The Forest Service and Vail Resorts pulled the plug on BB&B, the end-of-season party on Vail Mountain’s Minnie’s Deck. It’s a self-inflicted wound. It used to be a mellow end-of-the-season gathering on Minnie’s Deck. The past few years, though, revelers left behind a Titanic-sized mountain of trash – tons and tons of garbage, broken glass, and other stuff, and they did it year after year. When ski patrollers tried to haul out some injured people, they were pummeled with snowballs rolled around rocks. Finally, enough was enough.June 1, 2003: If it had happened a couple weeks earlier, it could have been Sinkhole de Mayo. Bighorn Creek in East Vail overran its banks during a rainstorm, causing a part of the interstate to collapse into a 20-foot sinkhole. Parts of East Vail were flooded and I-70 was closed from Copper Mountain to Vail for four days. Motorists were forced to take a 54-mile detour to Leadville over twisting, two-lane mountain roads and two high passes at the Continental Divide.Nov. 12, 2003: Vail Resorts Big Kahuna Adam Aron was handed an $8 million bonus for his performance leading the company the past few years. The bonus is good; the timing is bad. It comes during another round of layoffs, spending cuts and other austerity measures.

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