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Vail Daily Bizwatch: Financial Horizon

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Special to the DailyBob and Patricia Nolan of Financial Horizon offers clients a wide range of personal and small business coaching and counseling.

Date opened: April 2, 2009

Owners: Bob Nolan and Patricia Nolan

Contact info:,,; 970-926-6270, 248-763-2900, 248-763-0483.

What goods or services do you provide?

Whether financially healthy or in crisis, Financial Horizon offers clients a wide range of personal and small business coaching and counseling designed to free ones self from the enormous stress of financial uncertainty. Trained and certified by Dave Ramsey as Certified Financial Counselors, Patricia and Bob Nolan work through a process of aligning lifestyles in concert with individual or couples goals. Short-term solutions alleviate immediate needs and long-term planning focuses on building wealth. It is a fee-based service for people who need accountability and support. Financial Horizon does not sell or market financial investments or insurance products.

What’s new or exciting at your place? Our clients are experiencing a change in attitude and the financial myths that burden people today, like “you’ve got to have a car payment,” are being neutralized. The fast track to financial disaster is living paycheck to paycheck, and therefore beyond one’s means with no thought about tomorrow. Knowing where your money is going before you get it, and the incredible mathematical explosion of compounding are just two exciting principals that help propel our clients into a new “Financial Horizon.” Understanding needs versus wants, planning for the unexpected with an emergency fund and paying down debt with a practical plan can and will create wealth for the future.

What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competition? As coaches we use our life experiences along with our education and training to provide an honest evaluation of where our clients are financially and how meaningful goals can be achieved. Our services are provided on a confidential basis with a variable fee structure that considers the complexity of each individual or couples needs. Unencumbered with the need to rely on selling financial or insurance products, we focus on problem solving and actionable steps that will provide immediate results and ease financial stress.

What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers?

It is the attitude that counts. If you keep on doing what you are doing today, then you can be guaranteed that what you will get tomorrow is the same as what you are getting today. The American Human Resources Society has stated that 58 percent of Americans have never calculated what they need to retire, yet 59 percent hope to retire equal to or better than where they are today. How does that work? Nobody thinks saving is dumb, but everyone talks about it and only a few actually save. Saving is about emotion and contentment. We want our clients to retire with dignity, and /or send their kids to college. This is not rocket science. It takes discipline. As advocates for change we walk beside our clients though development of the steps and execution of the actions necessary to achieve financial freedom.

What can your customers expect from you?

Our clients can expect honest straightforward actionable solutions to the challenges they face financially. Will the solution include the dreaded “budget” word? Most definitely if the client’s spending is out of control. We help couples come together with a spending pattern that is agreed upon. When the pain of being in debt is a burden and sometimes overwhelming, when running out of money before the end of the month is hard to bear, when retirement plans or college planning seem to elude us, there can be a plan to solve these problems. Each client scenario is different, but the core is strangely similar. Change is essential, and that requires client commitment, and Financial Horizon commitment. Working together, the client’s future will be one of purpose and clear direction.

Tell us a little about your background, education and experience:

Bob, with a MBA and degrees in finance and economics, forged a 33-year executive career in the automotive industry. Married to his life’s partner, Patricia, they raised their three children. Bob’s career took him and his family to Britain and Germany for eight years, where they experienced cultural diversity and differing economic conditions that had an enormous impact on both him and Patricia.

Patricia, with a degree in liberal arts and a Michigan real estate license, has had a full career. She was owner operator of a significant direct selling company in England, and in Germany she worked for the American Embassy to establish and maintain a fixed asset control system. Patricia has leveraged her financial and planning skills on the homefront as a general contractor and family planner. Together, Bob and Patricia have taught Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Classes in the Vail Valley for the last four years.

What is the most humorous thing that has happened at your business since you opened?

Humorous, nothing! But joyful, much! Numerous clients have feed back to us that the honest, straightforward, actionable solutions to the challenges they faced financially have paid significant benefits, and continue to do so.

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