Vail Daily Bizwatch: Foldagram, a ‘new way to send mail’ |

Vail Daily Bizwatch: Foldagram, a ‘new way to send mail’

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Special to the DailyJordan Bundy, left, and Ana Pastor have just launched Foldagram, in which customers can upload photos to a website, then have those photos mailed to friends, relatives and clients.

Business name: The Foldagram.Location: Avon.Date opened: Sept. 1.Owner: Jordan Bundy and Ana Pastor.Contact info: Email:; cell: 773-504-5889; websites:, goods or services do you provide?The Foldagram provides a new twist on sending mail. At our website, users can upload a photo, write a message and provide an address. We create and send a Foldagram on their behalf wherever they want. The best part is our patent-pending design. It can be folded into an envelope to be sent through the mail and then folded the other way into a self-standing picture display by the recipient! Not only is it fast and easy to create one online, but also it can be shown anywhere without refrigerator magnets or picture frames.What’s new or exciting at your place?We recently launched our presale campaign on Kickstarter (, which is a site that helps creative projects raise a predetermined amount of money. People can buy Foldagrams from there and help us reach our goal! Trouble is, Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, so if we don’t raise our set amount, nobody gets charged, and we receive nothing. We want our local community to help out and get involved.What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competition?Since there are several sites and apps out there that offer to print and mail custom postcards, we really need to stand out. We accomplish that since our product can literally stand on its own! Currently, there is no other product out there that can change from an envelope to a self-standing picture display. Also, Foldagram is focused on leaving the smallest footprint on the environment. Since it is self-contained, there is no envelope to be thrown in the trash, and we don’t use adhesives or stickers. Each unit is printed on high-quality cardstock, so it can last indefinitely instead of being thrown out.What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers? What can your customers expect from you?Our biggest philosophy is to use the technology of our modern world to bring back the nostalgia of a simpler life. We want people to connect with friends and family in a more meaningful way than just email. Users can expect an easy to use website that will produce a high quality memento with minimal effort.Tell us a little about your background, education and experience.We have a nice combination of artistic and technical experience. Ana received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Chicago, and Jordan studied filmmaking in New York. Over the past several years, Jordan has learned the science of building websites while Ana has continued her pursuit of the arts. For Foldagram, Jordan focuses on the technology needed to deliver the product, while Ana creates the visual aspect that improves the user experience.The Vail Valley inspires our philosophy of living in the modern, technological world while enjoying the beauty of a simple life. The idea for Foldagram was born out here and sums up the joy of being in the mountains!What is the most humorous thing that has happened at your business since you opened? We haven’t had any funny “ha ha” moments yet, but we’ve certainly had some fun! The best thing has been sending Foldagrams to family members without telling them about the idea first. They always call us, excited about receiving a letter in the mail, and then are shocked and surprised to see what it does!

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