Vail Daily Bizwatch: Foxy Hound mobile pet groomer |

Vail Daily Bizwatch: Foxy Hound mobile pet groomer

The Foxy Hound Mobile Grooming Service is an add-on to the company's salon, located inside The Avon Pet Centre in Avon.
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Business name: The Foxy Hound Mobile Grooming Service

Location: We come to you.

Date to open: June 1, 2017

Owner: Patricia Doran

Contact information: For mobile grooming, call 970-401-2859. For salon grooming in Avon, call 970-393-2608. On the web, go to

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What goods or service do you provide? The Foxy Hound Mobile Grooming Service is an add-on to our salon, located inside the Avon Pet Centre in Avon. Our mobile unit is a brand new 2016 high-top van and is fully equipped with tub, table, warm water, blow dryers, all the essentials and one professional, experienced groomer.

Most groomings require about 60 to 90 minutes, start to finish. Home service is about $20 higher than salon fees.

What’s new or exciting at your place? We now offer both salon and mobile grooming. The salon has been a success since 2005 and I have been grooming since 1979. I provided mobile grooming in California for 25 years. I am excited to get back into mobile grooming.

What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from the competition? Our mobile service is the only service in the valley. Our salon in Avon boasts 90-minute appointments, free day care, and no cages (unless you prefer your pet to be secured).

What can your customers expect from you? My clients can expect a clean and bubbly atmosphere. Most pets don’t like the grooming process so I try to make it as comfy and quick as possible.

Mobile grooming offers a comfortable environment, right at your home or business, and eliminates the need to drive your pet to and from the salon. We also offer pick-up and delivery for pets needing to board at the Avon Pet Centre. In addition, we offer Frontline to keep lice and ticks at bay and tartar removal for stages one and two periodontal disease. We suggest that you ask your veterinarian if your pet is a candidate for this low cost dental maintenance.

Tell us a little about your background and experience: I began my grooming career in 1979 when I started working with my mother in our California garage, and quickly moved on to mobile grooming. I have spent some time grooming in Portland, Oregon, Illinois and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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