Vail Daily Bizwatch: Gallery 8 Arts, a gallery run by two Vail Valley moms |

Vail Daily Bizwatch: Gallery 8 Arts, a gallery run by two Vail Valley moms

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Gallery 8 Arts in Avon now features work — including this painting — from French artist Ewan Gur. Gallery8 is the only U.S. gallery to feature Gur's work.

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Name: Gallery 8 Arts.

Location: 150 East Beaver Creek Blvd., Avon Plaza.

Date opened: August, 2017.

Owners: Adrienne and Gail.

Contact information: Call 970-845-8ART, or go to

What goods or services do you provide? Contemporary art for home and lair. Gifts for him, for her and for you. We have chocolates, too. Gallery 8 Arts, is 50 percent art, 50 percent gifts and 100 percent unique. We are, “For the Love(r) of Art.” Our items are art, or feature art, or are someone’s art and passion. From our chocolates, to hand bags to hats, we have a range of expertly and artistically made products. Many of our products are made in Colorado, hence they are the ultimate souvenir. Gallery 8 Arts has big stuff for serious art enthusiasts, or little stuff for an easy gift. We are the valley’s only art gallery to feature the work of one-time-local, Shen. Original Shen paintings from her Pop Iconograhpy and Modern Musicology series are just waiting to find their forever home.

What’s new and exciting at your place? Ewen Gur’s paintings have arrived. Gur is a prolific French artist, currently living and working in Berlin. Gur’s love for music, French comics, street art and video games is passionately portrayed in his vibrant paintings. Gallery 8 Arts is thrilled to be the only U.S. gallery to feature Gur’s original art.

Also new to our gallery are limited edition chandeliers by New York artist/designer Ebon Heath. Each of Heath’s chandeliers is handmade in limited editions with either wood or paper typeset, then signed and numbered. Heath’s work is collected internationally and displayed in permanent public collections around the globe.

If it is something smaller that you are after, then we have a great new selection of Holiday, Wrap the Wine labels. These are hilarious, reusable wine and spirit gift wrap, designed and printed in Colorado.

What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from the competition? We have no competition. We carved our own niche, combining our love for art with what was missing in the valley. We chose our artists based on their amazing creative abilities and a great trusting, working relationship. We take art and the love of art to the next level, it should be in all aspects of life. Art enhances your surroundings, which in turn enhances your mood and your life. We want our customers to see art beyond the walls, and enjoy everyday objects as works or art.

What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers? What can your customers expect from you? Naked walls are a problem; we have the solution. We work closely with our artists to create a wonderful contemporary art collection for any budget. Although we feature and love traditional art for the walls, we want everyone to know that art belongs everywhere and that you should surround yourself with it. From the dish towel in your kitchen to the mug you enjoy your morning coffee out of, to the clock on your wall or the jewelry on your wrist — it should all be eye candy.

Our customers can expect a no-rush, leisurely shopping experience — true retail therapy. We like to be very hands on and tell the stories behind our products. There is overlap with color and style of our products, allowing us to put together unique custom gifts and home decor. We do it all, and we’ll find the right painting to go above your new custom bench made right here in Avon, or fill a handmade hat with a matching scarf and ditty.

Tell us a little about your background, education and experience: We are two moms who love our kids and art. You will have to come in and see how those two passions transformed into Gallery 8 Arts. The education and background part of our story are long and boring, so we prefer look to the bright future of Gallery 8 Arts, while raising children in a beautiful, creative environment.

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