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Vail Daily Bizwatch: Laugh and Learn Preschool

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Business name: Laugh @ Learn Preschool.Location: 0008 Pintail – in The Terrace, Eagle.Date opened: June, 2012.Owner: Maureen HendersonContact info: 970-328-1373 or 970-404-2220. By e-mail, it’s happykidsschool@hotmail.comWhat goods or services do you provide? I provide a quality educational experience preparing children for success in kindergarten and beyond.What’s new or exciting at your place? I am very excited to re-open Laugh & Learn Preschool in my home after three years operating as a large center on Lindbergh Drive. I have been able to add gardening and walking field trips to my curriculum and enjoy being in Eagle.What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competitors? The strength of my program is the curriculum. Children have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of themes that introduce fundamental kindergarten skills. The curriculum is adjusted to meet each child’s developmental level. Families have many opportunities to get involved with their school with theme related events and activities.What philosophy do you follow in dealing with you families? What can your families expect from you? Children can develop a positive feeling toward learning while acquiring and refining academic as well as social skills for the future. First friendships will be made and self-confidence will grow, because the children know they are respected, valued and seen as capable by everyone in our school family. Parents can feel confident that I have their child’s best interest first as a member of our school. Parents’ ideas and input in all matters is valuable. I would not have a program without the support of my families, and they can expect to be my number one priority.Tell us a little about your background education and experience. I have a degree in liberal studies with an emphasis in early childhood education from California State University in Fresno. I taught elementary school in California for 12 years before moving to Colorado in 1998. I have worked part time for Eagle County School District. I have taught preschool in Colorado for five years.What is the most humorous thing that has happened at your business since you opened? I work with young children, so every day is a humorous moment. It is easier for a child to explore their possibilities in an atmosphere of laughter and acceptance. I would like to thank my families for their continued support and encourage parents looking for a quality school for their child to give me a call.

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