Vail Daily Bizwatch: Sweet Sound Studios offers musical instruction |

Vail Daily Bizwatch: Sweet Sound Studios offers musical instruction

Daily staff report
Students at Sweet Sound Studios in Eagle are able to take basic and advanced classes in guitar, piano, percussion and other instruments.

Business name: Sweet Sound Studios.

Location: 503 West Fifth Street, Eagle.

Opened: October 2007.

Owner: Nancy Shannon Spigener.

Contact information: Call 970- 777-7464.

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What goods or services do you provide? Sweet Sound is a teaching studio offering instruction in piano, guitar, voice, drums and ukulele at very reasonable rates. We also help develop songwriting skills and performing skills. We teach music theory for each discipline, as well as developing a student’s ability to play by ear. Each student is exposed to all of the instruments as part of our curriculum. Students are also taught to play in live band situations, learning to work well with other musicians. We welcome beginner and intermediate students of all ages!

What’s new or exciting at your place? Sweet Sound Studios has recently added piano instruction to our services. Currently, we have seven instructors on staff — three guitar teachers, two drum teachers, two ukulele teachers and one piano teacher. We are very excited to welcome Eagle local Hailie Palinkas as our newest addition on piano. She comes to us as a former student of local teacher Dawn Poff and brings a total of seven years of piano training.

What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competition? At Sweet Sound Studios, we believe that first exposure to formal music instruction should be a fun, exciting experience for young people. We encourage our students to enjoy rhythms and melodies first, nurturing their individual musicality before introducing classical, formal instruction. Everyone has the desire to make music to some degree — not only the very gifted. Our studio helps to develop each individual’s desire to play and sing. In addition, we make music instruction more accessible to families with substantial sibling discounts.

What is the most humorous thing that has happened at your business since you opened? Mother-daughter team Nancy and Jonna Mae Spigener have many fond memories of student humor in the studios. But the one that stands out the most is definitely the day a 5-year-old walked in for vocal lessons wearing her “singing gown” and “singing slippers” dressed head to toe like a “diva.” We were absolutely speechless by the honest desire this baby girl had to be a top shelf songstress! Innocence and ambition can be a hilarious combination! Hats off to Mom for allowing her child the freedom to fully express herself. What a joy this job is!

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