Vail Daily chats with snowboarding heavy hitter David Carrier Porcheron |

Vail Daily chats with snowboarding heavy hitter David Carrier Porcheron

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyProfessional snowboarder David Porcheron sits in his backyard in Eagle-Vail, Colorado surrounded by his Yes company's snowboards

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado –Filming a snowboarding movie is sometimes fun, and sometimes scary, but it’s always “interesting,” says snowboarder and part-time Eagle-Vail resident David Carrier Porcheron. Porcheron, who is also known by DCP, got to experience both ends of the spectrum while filming Absinthe Film’s newest snowboarding movie, “Neverland.”

“This year I was exposed to a few avalanches where I had to use my intuition to save my life,” said Pocheron, who is a Team Vail member and sponsored by his own boarding company, Yes Now Board, along with other notables like North Face, Spy, Northwave, One Ball Jay and Spacecraft.

Don’t worry, you can see it all in the movie, which makes its valley debut Friday night at the Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek.

At 29-years-old DCP is considered one of snowboarding’s freestyling pioneers. His thick accent belies his Canadian roots and now married to fellow snowboarding legend Megan Pischke, the couple split their time between Eagle-Vail and Squamish, British Columbia, Canada’s unofficial outdoor recreation capital.

Fresh off a whirlwind 12-city promotional tour for “Neverland,” DCP will be at the Vilar Center Friday night signing autographs and talking snowboard shop with the powder-craving masses. He took some time to talk to the Vail Daily about his snowboard company, why he loves the annual fall rite-of-passage (new ski and snowboarding movies) and what it’s like being a family man.

Vail Daily: What’s your favorite part of “Neverland”?

David Carrier Porcheron: I think Gigi Ruf’s segment is my favorite. He’s such a powerful snowboarder. His video take places in different parts of Europe and Alaska. it looks like so much fun amd there’s crazy tricks. And they did a song from the Dead Kennedy’s, “Moon over Marin,” which I really like.

VD: What prompted you to start your own snowboarding company, Yes Now Board?

DCP: My partners and I – JP Solberg and Romain deMarchi – all rode for Burton for over 10 years and we were part of the 10-year shuffle. Our contract wasn’t going to get renewed and we were not done with snowboarding.

We had a lot more to accomplish and to learn. So when everyone in the industry said no to us and couldn’t budget us in, we decided to stay positive and start our own company with the help of our friends, Jim Zbinden and Henry Nidecker Jr., from Geneva, Switzerland. Henry is our invester and he deals with production and global sales.-

VD: Tell me about your part in “Neverland.” Where was it filmed?

DCP: The part in Neverland is a Yes part so it’s Romain, JP and myself. My part of the Yes part was filmed in Juneau, Alaska, Switzerland and British Colombia. Make sure to check our Web site in couple weeks for some extra footage of the Yes team –

VD: Why do you think the annual snowboard/skiing films are an important fall event?

DCP: Because it makes people psyched about snowboarding and the season coming up. it inspires people and they go out and buy a new Yes board. Ha!

VD: What’s it like being married to fellow snowboarding legend Megan Pischke?

DCP: It’s great. Megan is the best woman, and she is a very strong rider. It is very fun to ride with her and live my life with her. She inspires me and we are partners in growth, so we learn from each other. She also knows where I am coming from with my snowboarding career, because she has been there. She knows the feelings and the dedication it takes. –

VD: Out of all the mountain towns, why did you and Megan decide to call the Vail Valley home?

DCP: When I met Megan, I met a Colorado girl, so we decided to spend part of our year in Eagle-Vail. I love to ride Vail and Beaver Creek and have yet to ride the East Vail chutes. We have family here – my sister-in-law lives with us and Megan’s family is in Denver. So we love it around here.

VD: You have a young daughter, right?

DCP: Yes, she’s 3 years old. Her name is Leighli Storm. She started snowboarding last year and she’s excited to snowboard this year.

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