Vail Daily column: Be better and smarter |

Vail Daily column: Be better and smarter

Be the best by associating with the best. Surround yourself with people who are smarter, kinder, stronger, better than you! Choose individuals whose morals and expertise you respect. I think the statement, “You are only as strong as your weakest link” merits examination. If you strengthen your endeavors, through liaisons with people who excel in areas you do not, you strengthen your chain.

Delegating makes perfect sense. If you’re not good at accounting, hire the best accountant you can find. If you’re unorganized, get someone who will keep you on track. If you’re not a “people person,” find a spokesperson who is. If you have a hard time making wise food, health, exercise or life choices, associate with those who do. The list goes on and on.

Excuses, Excuses

The thing about human nature is everyone desires praise and credit for accomplishments. Recognition of success is a huge motivator. Acknowledging someone else’s skills, especially in a field they love, inspires them to do even more.

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Excuses are always the same. “I don’t have enough time or money to do this.” “I don’t have resources to figure this out.”

At the root of your excuses are probably two reasons: Either your ego stops you or you have apprehensions about getting into an even bigger mess than you already have. Don’t fall into that pit. Trust me, if you are linked to others who have more know-how in their fields than you have, then it frees you for challenges in your chosen areas of interest. Your back is covered!

This gives you time and energy to do what you love! You can perfect your skills and become accomplished in your pursuits. You then become an asset to those who seek your expertise! Your success increases, resulting in more of the aforementioned collaboration and success.

Enlist the Pros

Reaching out to the pros adds efficiency and productivity to your world, thereby enriching your life. Increased knowledge is an added bonus! Misconceptions, fears or excuses for not associating or working with those who are more intelligent or those you consider better than you is like shooting yourself in the foot. You are the one who will feel the crippling pain.

Don’t pass, on valuable opportunities. As you go forward, solid business and personal relationships develop. So does your strength of character as you seek unity with others. The thing about human nature is everyone desires praise and credit for accomplishments. Recognition of success is a huge motivator. Acknowledging someone else’s skills, especially in a field they love, inspires them to do even more. Advice and expertise are priceless. Don‘t ever slight or under value attributes others offer.

Willing to Share

Many times those you approach for advice will encourage you to join them on their journeys. People with good health habits willingly share their choices and encourage your accomplishments. If someone participates in a sport you have shown an interest in, they may ask you to join them.

If you ask a fellow businessman/woman for advice, you could be opening the door to a wealth of shared knowledge and friendship. Give an associate deserved compensation and praise for their skills, and they are motivated in their career. Your recognition has increased their sense of worth and more than likely gained their loyalty.

Mirror Those Around You

Remember you mirror those around you. If you associate with people who have poor ethics or lack motivation, this reflects on you. Opportunities will be lost. You can and absolutely should promote a positive motivated image for yourself. No one is an expert in every area. If you refuse help, you hinder your progression. Never shy away from valuable human resources. Logic dictates that if you surround yourself with and draw from an environment that encompasses intelligent, energetic, knowledgeable men and women who are dedicated to their pursuits, you create a successful, motivated, polished image for yourself.

Seek Out Intelligent people

In conclusion, look at the wealth of knowledge and resources around you. Find your experts, seek out people smarter and better than you. They will strengthen your chain. You will become more accomplished and successful, living better and smarter. You will be one of the best!

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Cabal Yarne is the owner of Arriesgado Clothing. He is a board member of the Vail Chamber amd Business Association.

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