Vail Daily column: Beer makes the best recovery drink |

Vail Daily column: Beer makes the best recovery drink

Zachary Johnson
Special to the Daily

EDWARDS — I’m still sore…

It’s been a few days since one of the more intense gym sessions I’ve participated in, but still I submit that there is no better way to follow an intense, full-body workout than enjoying a locally brewed beer after it is all finished.

That is exactly what I got when I joined Dogma Athletica and Crazy Mountain Brewery for their Thursday nights “Boot Camp and Brews Series” held throughout the summer from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. While anxiously waiting outside of the Crazy Mountain Brewery this past week for the Dogma Athletica staff, and other participants of the class, I could not help but get butterflies in my stomach wondering what the next hour would contain. Trainer Emily LyBarger eased my fears.

“We’re going to start out with a quick half mile jog over to the gym and then we’ll get started with the workout once we reach the Athletica gym.” she said.

“Alright, this isn’t so bad,” I thought. “Maybe this workout won’t be as intense as I thought.”

Little did I know I would be put through one of the toughest full-body workouts I have ever experienced.

The class is made up of a series of circuit training exercises that includes burpees, body squats and hang clings for a minute straight, followed by about five seconds of rest and then it’s right into the next minute of exercise. The hour of exercise is over rather fast, since participants get little chance to sit around resting during the fast-paced class.

After an hour straight of sweating and gasping for air, the best part of the class comes in the form of delicious cold pint of beer. But wouldn’t that completely negate the work done and calories lost? When I asked Emily about the decision to include beer in the post-workout routine she replied that it was not only a great social gathering but was in fact beneficial to the recovery process.

“Believe it or not, drinking beer after a workout can be a good thing.” Emily said. “Beer contains carbohydrates and electrolytes, as well as plant-based ingredients that contain a variety of naturally occurring nutrients from the yeast, barley and hops. The antioxidants found in beer have anti-inflammatory properties that help in the post-workout recovery. And it’s just a fun way to unwind after a great workout.”

Emily didn’t need to say much more and I was quickly sold on the idea. Classes will continue throughout the remainder of the summer and cost $15 for a one-time workout session, followed by $2 drink specials at Crazy Mountain. If stationary bike classes aren’t for you the “Boot Camp and Brews Series” is a great way to meet new people who are enthusiastic about fitness and of course there is the added perk of cheap and delicious locally brewed beer.

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