Vail Daily column: Cancer patients are living longer |

Vail Daily column: Cancer patients are living longer

The Doctors
Vail, CO Colorado

According to a new government report, the number of cancer survivors in the USA is close to 12 million, in part because of earlier detection, better diagnoses and more effective treatments. Here’s a look at advancements for three cancers:


Researchers in Seattle found that women with the highest body mass index (BMI) had a 35 percent increased risk of a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer compared with those with the lowest. That’s a risk factor you can control.


It’s difficult to diagnose in its most treatable stages, which makes it one of the deadliest cancers. But a study in the journal Lung Cancer found that smokers who got CT scans to look for early tumors had a significantly lower risk of dying over 10 years.


Eat black raspberries, take aspirin and watch your cholesterol – that’s what research suggests. More study is needed; but in the meantime, watch your weight, don’t smoke and limit alcohol.

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