Vail Daily column: Fortunate to live in this community |

Vail Daily column: Fortunate to live in this community

Bill Suarez
Vail Chamber
Vail, CO Colorado

How fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful and caring community?

The other day, I was walking through Lionshead Village on my way the bank when I stopped to talk to a few old friends that own or run local businesses. The conversation started off with the normal topics for this time of year – snow conditions and how our businesses were doing. Eventually, we got around to talking about a friend of ours who is battling cancer. There was going to be a fundraiser for him that coming Sunday. We paused a while, and in reflection we all thought how fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful and caring community where people truly matter.

It does not matter what your lot in life is, rich or poor, young or old, physically active or social active, we come to the aid of our fellow citizens. We have some tremendous organizations such as the Vail Valley Charitable Fund and the Swift Eagle Charitable Foundation, just to name two, that do an amazing job of getting help and funds to people in their time of need. However, without individuals within the community taking the time to get involved and getting the ball rolling, not much would get done. So it is the people of our community who make the difference, and with all the wonderful activities we have to keep us busy in our beautiful mountain environment, I am always pleasantly surprised how we make the time to come together to help our friends and neighbors in need.

I moved to Vail, in the fall of 1972, and though there have been many changes to our community, one of the main reasons I still feel blessed living here, besides living in this spectacular mountains environment, is that we matter and that I belong to this community. I am living a much richer and fuller life because of the town and people I have come to know and call my friends. So when times get tough and it gets harder to make ends meet, I stop and take stock of how lucky I am to live here in the good old Vail Valley.

So, in closing, let us remember how fortunate we all are to be living here, and don’t forget those people and organizations that are here for the purpose of helping our friends and neighbors in their times of need. Please give what you can, whether it’s your time, money or your good thoughts. We are what make the difference. I hope we all feel lucky and grateful to call the Vail Valley our home. I know I do.

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Bill Suarez is a longtime local who has worked in restaurants and was a ski instructor for Vail Resorts for 30 years. Now, he is the owner/manager of Billy’s Restaurant in Lionshead and is a member of the board of directors of the Vail Chamber and Business Association.

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