Vail Daily column: Help others succeed |

Vail Daily column: Help others succeed

“It is not true that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game ever begins,” Addison Walker said.

A spirit of cooperation and desire to help others should be a natural extension of every human being’s thoughts and actions. For those in the business world it is not only the right thing to do, it’s also smart business! Numerous mutual benefits occur when helping others. Unfortunately, too many great opportunities are missed because of ill-conceived notions. Potential givers don’t realize advising others, invariably promotes personal goals. Life is always a risk, but 99 percent of the time, helping others outweighs any downside. Monetary compensation in return for your knowledge may seem alluring, but advice freely given benefits both the receiver and the giver, far exceeding any dollar gain. Very often new opportunities arise when old friendships are strengthened, and trusted allegiances are gained. Some of our biggest accomplishments start with a helping hand.

In this competitive world, a self-centered focus can dominate careers. An attitude of my way or no way and winning at any cost, reflects current ideals. A valuable lesson is learned when we realize success is not always about competition, and there being a winner and a loser. Helping others can lead to productive outcomes for all involved. Getting rid of a “me, me, me” attitude and sharing expertise will promote your business and career growth.

Remember those stumbling blocks you hit along the way? Wouldn’t it have been great if someone had helped you back then? Wouldn’t you still be grateful to them today? Share knowledge you have gained. Help others avoid pitfalls. Don’t let jealousy sabotage or cloud your values. Invest time and effort in others, and they will invest in you. In other words, if you are there for them, they will be there for you. The natural fallout will be strong community relationships, personal and business connections, a good reputation, positive word of mouth recommendations, solid friendships, increased knowledge, influence and financial gain — the list goes on and on. Helping is a small word with huge clout!

In community and business ventures, share your leadership. Sometimes a great way to increase success is to give it away. Assign people authority due to their position, expertise and eagerness. In the competitive world, especially in management, value your team’s input. Praise good ideas. Give people below you authority and motivation. If they do a good job, you look good.

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Holding employees or co-workers back, or not acknowledging their efforts and ideas based on the irrational fear they might steal your position will result in a staff and team that under performs. A wise leader utilizes teamwork. It’s much smarter to encourage someone’s potential than to always insist on your way. When goals are reached, everyone feels a sense of accomplishment. Your professional persona is enhanced, and those in charge of your advancement take notice.


The most powerful tool you possess when helping others is “walking the talk.” Be consistent, genuine and upfront with no hidden agenda, strategy or manipulation. Sincerity is transparent. If you want to help and influence others, they must believe in your integrity.

Your connections could benefit others. Share your human resources. Human relationships are powerful! Introduce people you believe in to others. Intertwining minds produce revolutionary results. Volunteer your time. Sharing in your community is an investment in the quality of your life. A good deed should never go unnoticed. Recognize the accomplishments of others. Share in their joy. Inspire them to do more. It is amazing what a thank you can do.

Maintain high personal standards as you follow your dreams, live your life with honor, honesty and commitment, and always lend a helping hand. Here at the Vail Chamber & Business Association, we are here to help. We celebrate the successes of our member businesses and support them during their struggles.

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Cabal Yarne is the owner of Arriesgado Clothing Company in Lionshead. He is a Vail Chamber & Business Association board member.

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