Vail Daily column: Listen up and grow |

Vail Daily column: Listen up and grow

One of the fastest and most effective ways to grow both personally and professionally is to take the time to listen to audio programs from the brightest and best authors and experts who have made their material available to us on CD or digital file.

At the risk of sounding like a dinosaur, I first started listening to motivational programs on cassette tape. I used to listen so often I would literally wear out the tapes and have to reorder the program from Nightingale Conant, one of the best places to find personal and professional content.

The good news is that the programs are now available as downloadable files or on CD. So there is no excuse for not taking advantage of the wisdom that can be absorbed while driving in our cars, working out, taking a hike, or while we are on an airplane. This is truly a best practice that seems to have been lost or forgotten.

One of the amazing things that I have found when talking to successful people is that many if not most of them attribute their success to having spent time listening to personal and professional programs. And not just listening for the first time or one time – most will share that they listened to the same programs over and over again until they internalized the principles. When this happens, bad habits are replaced with good habits, and the good habits are what will catapult us towards success.

Unfortunately, I don’t hear about or see enough people still taking advantage of the amazing programs that are available to them. But the best news is this – it has never been easier for anyone to have access to an amazing library of audio content that can change their lives. Additionally we now have devices that allow us to have access to the audio programs of our choice any time we choose to listen.

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Think of just how often you find yourself connected to your iPod, or how much time you spend in your car. The term for listening to these programs in your car is Automobile University. Many of the authors and experts will share the tremendous success stories that their students achieve after listening to the material. There are stories about people who have learned foreign languages simply by listening to teaching programs to and from work, making the most of their commute. Then there are the sales people who have earned their spot atop the leader board and managers who have led their teams to greatness. And so many more positive stories of achievement.

I consider myself to be one of those successful people who can point directly to the impact these programs had had on my career, my personal life, and my spiritual life. Listening and growing, driving and learning, and working out while hearing strategies and techniques from my favorite authors and experts.

If you used to listen to these programs and have gotten away from it, I encourage you to return to Automobile University or iPod Learning. And I’ll bet that when you do reflect on your success, your biggest growth moments may have come during the time you spent listening and growing. And if you have yet to experience the power in audio learning, check out Nightingale Conant at to find a program that might be best for you. You will find sales programs, leadership, time management, financial advice, work life balance programs, and more.

Thanks again for all of your emails, and I would love to hear all about your favorite audio programs or the success you have achieved because of listening to the material. Send me an email at and make it a better than good day.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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