Vail Daily column: Membership has its privileges |

Vail Daily column: Membership has its privileges

What did one business say about the other business?

Nothing if they haven’t heard about you. Anonymity might make sense for some things, but anonymity certainly doesn’t make good business sense.

There are quite a few ways to ensure your customers (or potential customers) know about your business; one of the best is to be engaged in your community and to take advantage of the membership benefits of your local chamber of commerce. This applies even more so in the Vail Valley due to our transient front line employee base and our reliance on tourism to support our small business community.

Opportunity to grow your business

You will find valuable opportunities to grow your business when you join Vail Valley Partnership. Regardless of what membership tier your business joins at, you will have opportunities to grow your business, connect to the community, increase your professional network and work toward a better quality of life for our residents. Not to mention the ability to tie into our destination marketing efforts and programming to promote your business and help provide memorable, transformational experiences for our visitors and guests.

We have structured the Partnership membership tiers to accommodate large and small businesses, emerging enterprises and nonprofit organizations. We are confident that however you decide to engage with us, you’ll enjoy and benefit from membership. As American Express stated in their memorable advertising campaign, “Membership has its privileges.”

Privileges members enjoy

Networking events: Leads groups, networking events, volunteering — when you get involved in the Partnership, you gain incredible opportunities to get to know the top business leaders and engage with the Vail Valley community. Share your ideas, learn what someone else knows, develop business leads and grow your personal network.

Educational events: The Partnership hosts a variety of educational events designed to help the local business community stay on top of business trends and emerging business topics. From the Vail Valley Business Forum to our annual Customer Service Seminar, from collaborative marketing topics to panel discussions, the Partnership helps bring regional experts to the Vail Valley. The Partnership also has a relationship with the Small Business Development Center and Colorado Workforce Center to help our members with counseling, financial assistance and other resources. This is real-world expertise that grows your business.

Marketing benefits: Vail Valley Partnership offers a variety of marketing programs to promote our members to both destination guests and the local community. Advertising opportunities exist through “Visit Vail Valley — The Official Visitor’s Guide,” our social media channels, numerous websites, e-newsletter and more. New members are eligible for a variety of media benefits (including free advertising) with our local partners. We’ll even email you monthly with destination guests who have opted in to receive information on your business.

Member savings and educational programming: Vail Valley Partnership members have access to a variety of cost-savings programs to help reduce your business expenses. The Partnership is pleased to provide its partners with preferred pricing on a variety of services and supplies. The Partnership is working to save you money on your everyday expenses. Savings include discount programs with Office Depot, ADP Small Business Services and ADP TotalSource, the Merchant Ski Pass program, Edwards Station Car Wash discount card and more.

Signature programs: Vail Valley Partnership has numerous signature programs to help our business community consistently improve. From the Lodging Quality Assurance Program to the Platinum Service Program, from our Merchant Alliance to the Nonprofit Network and the Vail Valley Volunteer Connection, your membership with the Vail Valley Partnership gives you ample opportunity to get involved. Our programs such as the Health & Wellness Initiative and Vail Valley Merchant Alliance strive to bring industry leaders together in a collaborative manner.

New member benefits: All new Vail Valley Partnership members receive free local media benefits when you sign up for membership. Save money with free or matching advertising with Vail Business Journal, The Parents Handbook, sneakPEAK, the Vail Daily, Always Mountain Time, KZYR, The Mile, TV8 and eef HD Productions.

Member feedback

Please don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some local businesses have to say:

“We take advantage of the numerous networking events. They have been very beneficial and have given us an opportunity to meet with other small businesses in the valley and how we can provide better services to them.” — Holly Dempsey, Human Resources Plus, Inc.

“Restaurant Kelly Liken has grown our business over the years by participating in the Partnership’s networking events, such as breakfast scramblers and hosting an After-Hours Business Mixer, which provided a great opportunity to provide additional exposure of my restaurant and food to the local business community.” — Kelly Liken, Restaurant Kelly Liken

Membership has its privileges also sounds better than “all the cool kids are doing it.” Don’t hesitate to take a look at our membership roster — because yes, all the cool kids really are doing it.

Chris Romer is president and CEO of the Vail Valley Partnership.

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