Vail Daily column: My Echo Story: Local group aids early childhood development |

Vail Daily column: My Echo Story: Local group aids early childhood development

Jeanne McQueeney
My Echo Story
Vail, CO Colorado

Editor’s note: This column, submitted by Vail Resorts, showcases the nonprofits that the company supports through its Vail Resorts Echo program.

Early Childhood Partners is a group of professionals who specialize in early childhood development. Our goal is to increase quality in all early childhood environments with a focus on improving social and emotional skills in children, teachers, caregivers and families. Highly qualified and experienced in the area of early childhood development, the Early Childhood Partners team provides the most current and best practices for children birth to 5 years old to teachers and parents in our community.

Numerous studies have shown that high quality early childhood programs during the first five years of life stimulate a young person’s capacity to develop and learn. Further, both research and practitioner wisdom supports the idea that when children are provided with a stimulating learning environment and supportive interactions with teachers, they are more likely to have better school readiness skills.

“Early learning begets later learning and early success breeds later success,” said James Heckman, an economic scientist and Nobel Laureate. “The later in life we attempt to repair early deficits, the costlier the remediation becomes. Early childhood interventions of high quality have lasting effects on learning and motivation.”

Early Childhood Partners’ Coaching and Consultation Program impacts an average of 45 classrooms, 800 children and 150 staff members annually. Coaches from Early Childhood Partners evaluate up to 19 preschools and childcare centers/homes each year and work with staff to identify annual quality improvement goals, plans and activities. Program quality increases an average of 14 percent on the pre-post Environmental Rating Scales in the Early Childhood Partners homes and centers.

One of our programs recently stated, “I am very thankful for our partnership with Early Childhood Partners and their advocacy and programming on behalf of our youngest citizens. The children of Eagle County are the ultimate beneficiaries of this excellent program. When Early Childhood Partners has the opportunity to impact programming, everyone benefits.”

Early Childhood Partners could not provide the necessary support to child care providers, parents and children without the generosity of funders such as the Vail Resorts Echo program. If you’d like to impact a young person’s educational potential, invest in high quality early childhood programs by donating at http://www.early

Jeanne McQueeney is the executive director of Early Childhood Partners. Through Vail Resorts Echo, Vail Resorts hopes to connect its communities to its efforts – from on the ground conservation programs to grants for local schools. Aimed at both protecting the natural resources that surround the resorts and helping build stronger communities where its employees live and work, Vail Resorts Echo encompasses three core efforts: environmental stewardship, charitable giving and community engagement. Learn more at

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