Vail Daily column: New health tips column |

Vail Daily column: New health tips column

Lisa DeKosterLiving With VitalityVail, CO Colorado

Living With Vitality is a new health tips column from the wellness professionals at The Vitality Center at Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa. It will run on Tuesdays in the High Life section of the Vail Daily. The Vitality Center provides expert counsel in nutrition, preventative medicine, chiropractic, medical acupuncture, energy balancing, relaxation and fitness. This local center offers an experience of total immersion in personal wellbeing. The opportunities offered through The Vitality Center are designed to provide participants with an understanding of their own health and to teach more positive behaviors and habits to improve overall wellness.Through this column, Vitality Center professionals will offer a range of information focused on optimizing individual health, helping you to look and feel your best throughout your life cycle.Life is a journey and new paths are presented nearly every minute of every day. Which path will you take? What does achieving health and personal wellness mean to you? To us it means achieving balance. Taking care of ourselves so we can better care for others. It means balancing exercise between cardio work, strength training and flexibility modalities. It means balancing healthy eating with occasional pleasure. It means including restorative practices in our everyday lives to help balance stress.Fitness training and cardiovascular exercise are paramount to any wellness program. Coaching helps maximize workouts and target personal goals, and those goals and needs will change throughout your life. Coaches help identify the best techniques for each individual based upon age and specific needs.Strength training should be woven into your fitness program to help you achieve your greatest level of fitness regardless of objective. Strength training can be accomplished using minimal equipment. Try sport bands, canned foods or small free weights and you’ll see and feel a difference.Flexibility helps your body work and feel better. Yoga is an excellent way to introduce flexibility into your routine. There are many different yoga disciplines and a regular practice can be both practically and spiritually healing.Stress is inevitable but it is important to minimize its impact. Spa treatments that emphasize a therapeutic approach are key. Pampering is nice, but finding a spa that is philosophically grounded in techniques for healing will help guide you into a deep state of relaxation that will have lasting effects.Nutrition plays an integral role in wellness and healthy living. Nutrition is the basis from which to build. It provides the body with the perfect fuel, in the ideal portion for each individual. Along with choosing good foods, supplementation is important to achieve a healthy nutritional balance.And, it is alright to indulge once in awhile. Part of optimizing health is allowing our individual selves to find pleasure in the things we eat. Many times that pleasure can be found through healthy choices, but occasionally it’s OK to turn to something sweet or crunchy or salty to appeal to a craving.Achieving balance is a juggling act. Living With Vitality will inspire you to make the best choices for living with vitality. Health is not the absence of disease. It is the presence of vitality and energy.Lisa DeKoster is the director of The Vitality Center & The Spa at Vail Mountain Lodge.

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