Vail Daily column: See you at the top |

Vail Daily column: See you at the top

If you have ever experienced skiing with a group or with your family, then you just may be familiar with this statement, usually shouted from a chairlift down to a family member or friend on the slopes, or even spoken into a cell phone when two parties have been separated from one another, “I will see you at the top.”

Although I have been skiing in Colorado for the past 18 seasons, this still happens to our family, as a matter of fact it happened a couple of weeks ago as I was skiing with two of my children. We became separated and as I was going back up the chairlift I found myself shouting down to my son, “I’ll see you at the top!”

And spending as much time skiing each year as I do, I have had the opportunity to hear the phrase “See you at the top or meet me at the top” with great frequency.

Special Meaning

This statement has special meaning for me for other reasons too. Zig Ziglar’s first book is titled “See You at the Top.” Millions of people have been impacted by this book as it is a guide to personal and professional success. Having worked with Ziglar and his family for many years, just hearing the words “See you at the top” brings back incredible and wonderful memories for me.

Where is the “Top?” It’s all relative, right? I mean the “Top” for you may be different than the “Top” for your neighbor or coworker. When we are skiing and get separated, it’s easy to identify where the top actually is on the mountain. But in life, the “Top” can be a tricky thing for some people to identify with or just have a hard time seeing happening for themselves.

The book, “See You at the Top,” focuses on things like having a healthy self-image, the importance of a positive attitude, building winning relationships, setting and achieving goals and living with hope. So you see, it’s not targeted at any specific role or job type, it is a book that was written to meet people, all people, wherever they are on their success journey.

Over The Top

Ziglar didn’t stop there, though. As he continued to motivate and inspire millions of people around the world, he changed the ending to each one of his talks. Instead of ending with, “I will see you, and yes I do mean you at the top,” he changed it to “Hey I am going to see you, and yes I do mean you, not just at the top, I am going to see you over the top.” That little change and reminder at the end of his talks or seminars made all the difference for me personally in the pursuit of my goals as I know there is always more to strive for.

And every time I hear someone else shout it from a chairlift or from the slopes I am reminded that the “Top” is only a temporary destination in our life journey and pursuit of happiness and success. It’s the attitude of going further, beyond the top, that drives me to want to work harder at my goals. For me, it is about going “Over the top.”

What do you think about when you hear the words, “See you at the top?” Where is the “Top” for you? Have you ever imagined what could be beyond the “Top” or as Zig says, “Over the top?” for yourself? I would love to hear all about it at and when you do seek the top or going over the top it will definitely be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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