Vail Daily column: Support for our local merchants |

Vail Daily column: Support for our local merchants

I just wanted to take the time this week to thank all of the merchants who make our local newspaper possible.

Each and every week writers submit their work and the staff at the paper works hard to edit and publish the columns. But without the advertising from our shop owners, restaurateur’s, hoteliers, and local service providers none of the information would ever reach our community.

And although I consume news and information updates from various other sources, I really enjoy reading this paper front to back to keep up with what is happening in our own backyard. And the other day as I was reading the paper the ads really caught my attention.

Now I am always looking for a good bargain or promotion to take advantage of, but this week was different. I was actually looking at each advertisement with a special sense of gratitude and appreciation.

For our local merchants advertising is simply a part of doing business and keeping their names and brand visible to the community. We have come to expect it as we peruse the newspaper, and maybe we have our favorite businesses that could be running a special, but do we ever stop and take a few extra seconds on each page to see who is really responsible for bringing us the news? I know that I have not always been diligent enough in this effort, however I look forward to making it a part of my reading routine.

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Just this week I found several great reminders of shops and eateries I needed to frequent more often. And as I really paid attention to the ads this week, I recognized many of the same businesses that have been supporting the paper year in and year out. This was important for me to realize and another moment of appreciation. You see I have been writing my column for more than four years now and these merchants are the reason that my insights and thoughts appear in the paper each week. These are the same businesses who ensure that all of the other columns, news, editorials, classifieds, and events get published and delivered to us professionally and consistently.

So here is my request — would you consider joining me and making an extra effort to shop locally? Our local businesses do such a great job in providing quality products and services, but more than that they contribute so much to how we receive and share news and information with each and every publication of the newspaper. I know that I can personally do more to show them just how much I appreciate their support, and I look forward to spending more and more time in our local shops, restaurants, bars, as well as taking advantage of the local offerings of people and businesses who have been serving our community for years.

Thanks again to all of the local merchants, your consistent support is so greatly appreciated and I know that your investment in our newspaper means more to the community than you know.

I would love to hear all about your favorite local business at and as we lock arms to support them all I know that it really will be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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