Vail Daily column: Support Land Trust at annual ball |

Vail Daily column: Support Land Trust at annual ball

Scott Conklin
Trust Our Land
Vail, CO Colorado

Think globally, act locally. It is a phrase we have all heard, but also one that greatly informs my ethic about the environment. I am powerless to stop people from driving more cars halfway around the globe, but I can advocate for a robust local transit system, use it and encourage my friends to use it. By having reusable grocery bags, I keep that small amount of oil from being ripped out of the ground in a land far away (or, increasingly, close to my backyard) and turned into more plastic. I shop at local farmers’ markets for my produce or grow it in my own community garden plot, saving more oil that would have been used for transport, and reducing the use of pesticides and other chemicals. But enough about me, how does your local Land Trust act locally?

Just this year alone, the Eagle Valley Land Trust has signed five new conservation easements totaling 350 acres of permanently protected land in our community. These local acts have an immediate benefit to our residents’ quality of life and they also have a trickledown effect of global consequences. By protecting our riparian corridor, the Land Trust’s conservation easements improve water quality and quantity throughout the entire Colorado River Basin. Every acre of land in Eagle County that remains in a natural, vegetated state works to keep greenhouse gases in check and reduces the impact of climate change. Having beautiful landscapes like the Miller Ranch Community Open Space or the East Vail Waterfall for our guests to experience just might mean those visitors return to their homes, whether they be in Denver or Rio de Janeiro, with a new vision of protecting the nature they find in their own communities. Your local Land Trust has been doing plenty of acting locally; what about the thinking globally?

We are excited to have Jungle Jack Hanna, one of the foremost globally recognized authorities on wildlife conservation and habitat protection, as our featured program for the fourth annual EverGreen Ball. Jungle Jack, the host of several popular TV programs including “Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild” and “Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures”, will appear on Tuesday at the Vilar Performing Arts Center to benefit local land conservation and habitat protection in Eagle County. The evening will feature Hanna’s very popular “Into the Wild … Live!” stage show. Jungle Jack will be live on the Vilar Center stage with numerous exotic wild animals to excite and inspire audiences of all ages. Maybe you will see a real live cheetah up close; maybe you’ll get to pet a baby snow leopard. I’m sure you will be entertained by Jungle Jack and the antics of his furry friends while supporting your local Land Trust. Please join us this Tuesday as we take the time to reflect on our recent conservation achievements, and what they mean for wild places half a world away, while enjoying stories and tales from Jack Hanna’s trips around the globe.

The EverGreen Ball is the Vail Valley’s premiere environmentally themed gala event, raising community awareness and philanthropic funds for The Eagle Valley Land Trust. Our speakers in the past have discussed global energy policy as it relates to national security, and opined on Colorado’s new green energy economy. While this year’s ball with Jungle Jack and his wild animals might seem more fun on paper, it still carries a powerful message. We have wonderful and awe inspiring animals and habitats on our planet, and they are worth protecting. Let’s start with our own backyard.

Tickets to see Jungle Jack Hanna at the fourth annual EverGreen Ball are available at the Vilar Performing Arts Center Box Office in Beaver Creek at 970-845-TIXS (8497), or online at Tickets may also be reserved by contacting the Eagle Valley Land Trust at 970-748-7654 or Tickets are $50 to $75 for adults depending upon seating, and kids under 12 are only $25.

Please think globally and act locally on Tuesday by attending the fourth annual EverGreen Ball as we go “Into the Wild” with Jungle Jack Hanna at the Vilar Performing Arts Center!

Scott Conklin is the projects manager for the Eagle Valley Land Trust. For more information about the land conservation efforts of your local Land Trust, call 970-749-7654 or

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