Vail Daily column: Tend to your life like a garden |

Vail Daily column: Tend to your life like a garden

Catherine Zeeb
A New Perspective
Vail, CO Colorado

What happens to your garden when you don’t give it attention? Weeds begin to grow, grass grows in the strangest of areas, and the beautifully pruned bushes and flowers begin to grow uncontrollably.

This is what happens when we don’t take care of our mind, body and spirit garden. The old thoughts and habits spiral out of control. Thoughts pop up that you didn’t even realize you still had an attachment to. Old ways of dealing with situations continue to manifest themselves as anger or fear or judgment. Our spiritual garden needs attention.

Can you even recognize that you have a spiritual garden? It’s probably not something you have ever thought about or thought little about, right? Well you do – we all do. You are the most unique and beautiful being this planet has ever experienced. The uniqueness and beauty comes from your garden. What condition is yours in?

There is dirt in the gardens of the people in a stress-oriented, my-life-sucks mindset. It gets blown around in the wind, it gets rained on and muddy (sometimes even pooped on) and it feels so raw. What this really is though, is your foundation. From this raw dirt, life begins; seeds burst open, root and begin a transformation.

Then sprouts shoot up; slow at first but visible. New life has begun. New thought is creating new life. One moment of a thought change produces new buds, new ways, new behaviors, and new perspectives.

Now your garden begins to thrive. Shoots are growing everywhere, flowers begin to bloom, and bushes are getting thicker. More attention to the garden is necessary. This is an important time in the life of our garden. Do you let it get out of control or do you take your time and prune, weed and care for it?

This may seem like a silly metaphor – our life compared to a garden -but we really are like gardens. We have or are searching for a foundation. If we choose, we can recognize that our minds and bodies are out of control and we may or may not know how to tend them.

Our foundation is where you begin from, where you breathe from, and where you express yourself from. It can be a religion, it can be a faith, it can be meditation, or it can be stillness. There are many ways to have a good foundation and discovering yours may be your “raw dirt” journey.

Then the sprouting begins. You move out into the world, early on in life and on a daily basis. Do you move freely or feel contained? Do you stretch and allow yourself to move with the wind? Or do you hold firm to your patterns and refuse to move?

There is no perfect garden when it comes to your mind, body and spirit garden. It’s your garden and you get to make it look exactly as you want it to look. A few scraggly rose bushes may be just fine for you. Maybe you can’t keep up with the weeds but you keep trying.

Here is how our spiritual connection to our garden compares:

1. Weeds cutting off nutrition to the roots = Old thoughts and patterns (behaviors) take up space for new and lighter thoughts, which will then create better behaviors.

2. Sprouts that have to struggle to grow may be stunted = Holding on to old thought and patterns feel burdensome and movement/growth begins to feel difficult.

3. Untended growth is out of control = Life is coming at you, stress is a daily experience and everything feels out of your control.

A garden is something you can rearrange at any time. It is not stagnate and it is in constant change. If you think of your life as a garden then it too is in constant change and can be rearranged. Your mind holds on to the old stories and your body holds on to the energy of those stories. The more attention you pay to your body and the more attention you give to your old thinking patterns, the more you can rearrange the thoughts.

Recognition is key to rearranging your thoughts. You cannot recognize every thought you have, but you can learn to pay attention to the ones that create negative outcomes. Tend to these, prune them back and help them grow in a new direction.

Catherine Zeeb is a local author and counselor. For life, family, relationship, addiction or spiritual issues, contact her at 970-376-6660. Her book, “Begendings: A New Perspective,” is available at The Bookworm in Edwards. You can visit her website at for more information.

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