Vail Daily column: The gift of local land conservation |

Vail Daily column: The gift of local land conservation

Jason Denhart

At the Eagle Valley Land Trust, we take pride in saving land for the people of Eagle County and preserving the character of our mountain community, one acre at a time. Conserving local land right here in our beautiful valley is a mission we gladly accept and enthusiastically undertake. Conservation easements are gifts to our community that last forever. Once land is placed into a conservation easement, it is protected in perpetuity; the conservation cannot be undone, ever.

Conserving local land for the people of Eagle County means preserving the character of our special community. Our open spaces and natural places help define what it means to live in and visit this beautiful and pristine environment. Our mountains, valleys, meadows and forests; our rivers, streams and wetlands; our wildlife habitat and, of course, our ability to enjoy the great outdoors … this is the character of our mountain home. Our natural alpine setting fills our spirits, fuels our economy and defines our community. This is worth saving forever. This is the gift of conservation.

Open space preservation in our community connects people to the land. The gift of land conservation saves and protects our local land for people — our families, neighbors, homeowners, businesses, ranchers, sportsmen, tourists and guests. This conservation gift provides outdoor experiences, emotional connections and economic benefits to the people of Eagle County and beyond.

The gift of local land conservation protects our views and our landscapes, permanently preserving our purple mountain majesties, crisp clean rivers, lush green valleys and tall dense forests. Conservation has a lasting impact on scenic view-sheds and helps save our Colorado landscape and Western heritage for the benefit of our entire community.

Places for Fun

Providing outdoor recreational opportunities while fueling our local economy is another gift of land conservation. Conservation protects our recreational values. Permanent land preservation gives us unparalleled outdoor experiences and unique sporting opportunities. Our beautiful local lands are places for fun and recreation — hunting and fishing, biking and hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, bird watching and boating. The gift of conservation protects the open spaces and wild places that supply our active, outdoor way of life and stimulate our local economy.

Legacy for our Future

The gift of conservation and the preservation of natural places also allow us to preserve a mountain legacy for ourselves, our kids and our grandkids. Saving our Colorado landscapes and waterways will guarantee the quality of life we enjoy today will remain unspoiled for tomorrow. The great outdoors, the exhilaration and the emotional feeling we all experience in the nature that surrounds us; this is worth protecting for the next generation. The gift of conservation provides a legacy for our future.

During this special time of year — a season dedicated to family, community and giving back — please remember the unique gift of local land conservation. The Eagle Valley Land Trust is proud to be a part of this wonderful, vibrant community that understands this powerful conservation gift and the positive role it plays in all of our lives. We wish a very happy holidays, Merry Christmas and the best of the winter season to all, and here’s to many more gifts of local land conservation in 2014!

Jason Denhart is the director of communications and development for the Eagle Valley Land Trust. To learn more about your local Land Trust, the gift of land conservation and the more than 7,300 acres permanently conserved in Eagle County, please visit

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