Vail Daily column: The importance of self-awareness on success |

Vail Daily column: The importance of self-awareness on success

The new buzzword in business leadership effectiveness is “self-awareness”. How in order to achieve optimal, sustainable performance is a function of self-management and how self-management begins with self-awareness. In short, taking your business practices back to where it all began, with you. Every decision, reaction, or inaction affects our employees, our families and pretty much any one around us, the proverbial “the buck stops here” scenario. This can be a mind-blowing revelation for some, for others who live by the mantra “do as I say, not as I do” the meaning behind self-awareness and its importance in our lives both personally and professionally is lost. It takes courage to look inside oneself and identify those things about us that work and the things that don’t. But, it is also liberating that it opens up more possibilities for success that we would not have been able to find otherwise.

Recently, the Vail Chamber and Business Association underwent an intensive strategic planning process. We have added some new members during the past year and it was time for the VCBA to take a hard look at itself and its purpose. The process encompassed mandatory sessions for all board members and spanned multiple days for several hours. There was also lots of homework and preparation involved, not easy to accomplish when your “real” job is running a successful local business. I am very proud to say that each one of our board members not only took the process seriously but completely committed to breaking down what we do well, what we have failed at and where we fit in the Vail community going forward. It was a truly amazing experience to have many different personalities and business backgrounds in the same room, “being real,” and taking it back to what we stand for as an organization.

From this process emerged a newly revised mission statement, vision and values. More importantly however, our board emerged refreshed, re-energized and determined to grow the Vail Chamber into an organization that plays an important role in the Vail community, as the voice of the Vail business owners. Our organization is the only business advocacy group that represents Vail specifically, acting as a conduit for information to and from Vail Resorts, the town of Vail and the local business community. Our main focus is to foster an atmosphere of communication, collaboration and cooperation. We represent the Vail business community, advise them of important issues and most importantly give them a voice to the town government and other Vail stakeholders.

Embracing Self-Awareness

The VCBA has embraced its self-awareness and is working hard to incorporate these newly identified goals into successful and relevant business practices and programming. We believe so wholeheartedly in this self-awareness approach that we have entered into a partnership with Chuck Wachendorfer at Think2Perform, a local business coaching consultant. If this appeals to you and your business or you just want to learn more, then give us a call! We are hosting a two-part series with Chuck on April 1 and April 8. We promise the knowledge you will obtain will benefit you both professionally and personally. Take that next step to taking charge of your personal and professional success! The VCBA is ready, are you?

Stay involved and stay informed. If you are not already receiving the Vail Chamber and Business Association’s weekly newsletter, then email us at to start receiving it. If you are interested in finding out more about the Vail Chamber and Business Association and what we have to offer to businesses in and that do business in Vail, then call 970-477-0075 or email Based in Vail Village, our office is located on the top of level of the Vail Transportation Center, so stop by and say hello.

Alison Wadey is the executive director of the Vail Chamber and Business Association.

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