Vail Daily column: Time to climb a different mountain |

Vail Daily column: Time to climb a different mountain

Almost every time I return from a trip and land back at Denver International Airport, the mountains greet me with their incredible awe and majesty. And as I drive around the Front Range facing the foothills, I cannot help but feel, as my friend Merle Daniels says, “the mountains are calling.”

There are times in life when we all face our own mountain. Our mountain came recently in the form of cancer. I know that we are not alone, and that many of you unfortunately have faced the same mountain and made the climb through the battery of tests, chemotherapy, side effects, doctor visits, surgery, recoveries, pharmacies, and medications. Our hearts go out to each of you who are on this climb with us, and who have made the journey before.

Asked why he climbed a mountain, a man said, simply: “Because it was there.”

So why are we forced to climb this particular mountain now? We will climb it because it is there. And we will climb it with intense passion and purpose, patience and perseverance, and with the love, hope, prayers, and support of so many people. Some we know intimately, some are acquaintances, and others who we have never met before but are reaching out and offering what they can in an effort to help.

So although we are facing this mountain, we have been blessed with a mountain of prayers. Literally people all over the world have been sending encouraging prayers and scriptures to support the climb. And then there is the mountain of love coming in the way of cards, gifts, flowers, text messages, e-mails, hugs, and smiles, and each one lifting us higher on the journey.

We hold on to a mountain of hope, too, found in the faces of our children, in the promise of a future, in the skilled hands and minds of our doctors and nurses, and in the loving mercy and grace of our God. Every minute of hope is critical to the success of our ascent on our way to the mountain of our tomorrows.

And then there are the literal mountains, our respite, and our escape. The sunrise eagerly bounces off the snow-covered peaks each morning, and then sets with those quiet purple hues and an invitation of an awaiting tomorrow. We cherish the opportunity to ski a little and allow our bodies and minds to take a brief vacation from the day to day battles of our climb.

Vail and Beaver Creek are such incredible mountains all year, and we are all blessed to have them in our backyard, and ever-grateful to the teams of people that make the skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing possible.

Whatever your mountain is, whatever you are facing right now, just know that there are mountains of people, mountains of love, mountains of support, and mountains of hope, just for you and just waiting to embrace the climb and journey with you.

Thanks for each e-mail you send my way. I would love to hear all about your mountain at If you would like to track my wife’s progress and status you can follow her at and together let’s make it a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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