Vail Daily column: Vail Living Well convenes health researchers, experts

Jamie Stone

Meet the experts

The Vail Living Well Forum for Optimum Health is an invite-only event, with some spots still available. The general public is invited to attend live ForumX Talks, featuring four of the world’s most innovative and influential speakers on health and well-being. On Friday, Sept. 12, from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the Sonnenalp Hotel, ForumX attendees will learn about cutting-edge research on health and well-being, and action steps to live longer and better lives. The ForumX Talks are free of charge. Find out more at

Ask me what my favorite month is, and I’ll tell you it’s September. Not that I would ever wish away my cycling-loving summer (biking is still beautiful in September!), but the start of fall presents a clarity that’s often hard to pinpoint — a crisp and decisive shift of seasons, focus and beginnings.

With our two children grown into adults, John and I have enjoyed sharing September during the past several years — not just pedaling through but settling in and giving birth to a new child — a brainchild that thrives in a place where health and well-being is a way of life.

That twinkle in our eyes that brought forth the Vail Living Well Summit, held annually in mid-September, has continued to develop with our intention of activation and reach.


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This year, Vail Living Well is once again aligning with the Sonnenalp Hotel to present the Vail Living Well Forum for Optimum Health — a unique convening of action-oriented influencers (those who have both the desire and the ability to effect change) with leading researchers in the science of healthy living and longevity.

Our mission is to generate new preventative pathways to health and longevity for individuals, the workforce and for society. These researchers, business and government leaders, philanthropists and influencers have the reach, the infrastructure, the vision and the passion to make the far reaching waves of change both accessible and a reality.

The new design of the event is to ensure that we get the right people in the room to make it happen. We’ve scaled down our size to scale up our reach.

Every element is there, which has made Vail Living Well successful from the start. Important elements include small-group experiential sessions, access to internationally renowned health thought leaders and action-oriented programs.

Our forum features dialog —no talking heads. The researchers present their emerging findings and the compelling conversations and connections begin.


The Vail Living Well Forum provides opportunities for learning new research focusing on stress, sleep, physical mobility, cognitive health, purpose, ethics and mindfulness. The participants we call “activators” will sit side-by-side with other influencers, convening on the work of our researchers from Stanford, MIT, Harvard and the University of Michigan.

Our focus is on living longer and living better.

In September, as autumn’s golden glow spreads its blanket across the aspens, we will convene and connect those committed to creating positive change. The possibilities go way beyond what we can even imagine.

Jamie Stone is the co-founder and president of Vail Living Well. She lives in Edwards and is passionate about continuing her pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and sharing information with others.

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