Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: A poem for Christmas |

Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: A poem for Christmas

Richard Carnes
Vail, CO, Colorado

‘Tis the actual day of Christmas

So here’s a little ditty,

Since you’re reading this today

You’re in Vail for the Biggie.

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Our 50th was last week

But will last all season,

It’s a great year to be here

Yet that’s not the only reason.

The snow finally started

Full of powdery fluff,

But no matter how much falls

We’ll never have “enough.”

It’s been a strange season

Even though it’s still early,

Three weeks ago we were golfing

Believe me, it was squirrely.

The snow was in short supply

And the weather was warm,

But now we’re all enjoying

Repetitive winter storms.

And now the presents are opened

The trees are a mess,

When it’s all back to normal

Is anyone’s guess.

The season provides us all a chance

To step back and take a breath,

From the constant media coverage

Of unexpected deaths.

For every parent in Newport

Suffering an NRA-based cancer,

I may not be sure of the question

But know “more guns” is not the answer.

And some were actually scared

By virgin-sacrificing savages called Mayans,

Yet common sense has always prevailed

Heck, they might as well have been Hawaiian.

Economy’s on the rise

Real estate’s getting better,

Unemployment’s on the way down

Tea Partiers are no longer trend setters.

But back to the point

Of this poorly crafted opus,

‘Tis a day of reflection

For those due our focus.

Regardless of dogma’s

We don’t really need a reason,

To celebrate with family and friends

For the entire holiday season.

There are much bigger things

For us to find worry,

Like the looming fiscal cliff

And when’s the next snow flurry?

Christmas in Vail

Is there no finer place,

To relax from your worries

With snow in your face?

The Rockies are a great place to be

On this most wonderful day,

The mountains are glowing

We all want to play

Town trees are all wrapped

In a tax-funded glow,

To celebrate the spirit

Of Holidaze and snow.

And although it’s corny

I still say it’s nifty,

To be here this year

As good ol’ Vail turns fifty.

This is the one time of year

We’re all nice to each other,

Sharing food and drink

With politeness we smother.

So keep that in mind

While enjoying this Christmas day,

For here in Happy Valley

Blue skies are never gray.

Now sit back and enjoy

The holiday ale,

Cuz’ a Rocky Mountain Christmas

Is better in Vail!


Read it and weep

Try your best not to get sick,

Even though you just read

The 13th crappy Christmas poem, by Dick.

Richard Carnes of Edwards writes weekly. He can be reached at

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