Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: A rhyme for Christmas time |

Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: A rhyme for Christmas time

‘Tis four days until ChristmasAnd all through the valley,The tourists are amazed’Cuz we got us a bowling alley. Millions have been investedGiving them plenty of reasons,To visit and enjoy the newSolaris, Ritz and Four Seasons. And what else is pretty coolFor those not following the Vail machine,We once again have the World ChampionshipsThis time in 2015. But just in case you thinkThat makes us ultra-chic,Know that all the racesWill be held in Beaver Creek. But local life could be worseFor we might all have a dinger,From a sleep-deprived driverGoing by the name of Ezringer. He hit and then ranFrom a biker named Milo,Who hopefully will recoverWith a money-filled silo. Lawyers and a judgeHave been playing a game of shell,Yes, something certainly stinks here And it sure ain’t a new car smell. But it makes no difference whatsoeverTo those nationally without a job,Especially as a jackass named BoehnerCondescendingly shows the nation how to sob. It’s fruitless and pointlessA purpose not worth serving,Especially from a dress-free PelosiWith neither less deserving. Yet in spite of all that nonsenseHere in the Valley of Happy,It is still the time of yearFor twits like me to be sappy. ‘Tis a great place to beFor this most wonderful week,As problems are left behindTo work on downhill techniques. The trees are all wrappedIn a holiday glow,To celebrate the spiritOf family and snow. So though the world is a messAnd all seems in trouble,We’re safe and warmIn our Rocky Mountain bubble. Now sit back and enjoyThe holiday ale,’Cuz a Rocky Mountain ChristmasIs better in Vail! Merry Christmas everyone.Richard Carnes of Edwards writes weekly. He can be reached at Comment on

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