Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: ‘Death to America’ is getting old |

Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: ‘Death to America’ is getting old

News flash: Religion of peace used as pawn for violence against those who disagree!


How long until the rest of the civilized world finally realizes that this oxymoronic verbal tactic is threatening our entire species and begins treating it like the psychological disease that it is?

How about just the United States and our Department of Defense?

Saying Islam is a religion of peace is like saying Scientology is a religion of science or that Allah serves kosher hot dogs at Mecca every Sunday for brunch.

At 53, I have spent more than 60 percent of my life listening to these silly “Death to America!” chants while uneducated sheep stomp and burn the American flag and shake their skinny little fists in what they believe is our general direction. (I assume their grasp of geography is about as sharp as their ability to recognize irony.)

And I am supposed to respect and tolerate the beliefs of a group that would be more than happy (downright giddy, in fact) to remove my head from my shoulders for the simple reason of not following their dogmatic line of 1,400-year-old fantasy fiction?

According to the latest reports, last week’s unconscionable murders in Libya “might” have been connected to 9/11 and “quite possibly” were well-planned far in advance.

Whoa, ya’ think?

Oh, that’s right, we’re supposed to think it’s because of a friggin’ trailer for an Internet movie about, you guessed it, a guy named Mohammed.

I’m surprised some of these people have access to electricity, much less the Internet, but OK, I’ll play this little game. You want to see a truly disturbing and offensive film clip over the Internet?

How about a crisp HD video of cowardly IDE attacks? There are plenty of those to view online.

Or how about Daniel Pearl’s beheading or stoning a woman to death in a town square for being raped or one of those ridiculously so-called honor killings for a young lady being caught in an educational environment (what we call a school)?

Mm-mmm, good viewing stuff for the kiddos to watch. And so peaceful, too.

Look, there is no such thing as a religion of peace. All religions are simply ideas – philosophies – that are culturally contorted and twisted to “fit the times” in order to accommodate the desires of those who hold power and wish to continue doing so.

No religion is peaceful or violent in and of itself, yet all have peaceful and violent members, without exception.

It’s like two weeks ago when Chuck Norris and his wife used religion as leverage to scare the ignorant into thinking there would be “a thousand years of darkness” if Obama wins in November.

Talk about being a tool.

Leaders will always view religion as a useful tool to control and direct the masses, but until we stop pretending to tolerate such nonsense, we should stop feigning surprise when innocents are brutally murdered for its benefit.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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