Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: Don’t buy supernatural reasons for Tim Tebow’s play |

Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: Don’t buy supernatural reasons for Tim Tebow’s play

Can we please now stop babbling incessantly about “Tebow Time”?

Don’t get me wrong — I do like Tim Tebow — and have never said or implied otherwise, except perhaps during the heat of the moment of a few specific games. (Take last Saturday night, for example. … No, please, seriously, take it. My eyeballs still ache).

My issue, which a few of you apparently wish to debate via email, is with those who say he is what he is because of a particular supernatural belief system.

What an insult to the man. For that matter, what an insult to the true sufferings around the world.

Tim Tebow is a product of his environment and parents, just like everyone else, and all he does is live his life the best way he knows how. I have never once seen him flaunt his lifestyle, much less attempt to push it upon others, and he comes across refreshingly humble in interviews.

I’ve yet to hear him equate play (good or bad) with his beliefs, and I admire such traits, yet many of his fans do exactly that. They say he plays well because of one supernatural being or another, and when he sucks it’s because the same supernatural being “works in mysterious ways,” he is “being tested” or some other nonsense.

Ask yourself, if he was a Muslim, would he still be just as good of a person? I certainly think so, same for any other religion or lack thereof.

Here’s a test: Take every single time he has said, “… thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ …” and replace it with “… praise be to Allah …” and then tell me (with a straight face) this would not be an entirely different issue across the nation.

The hypocrisy would be appalling to most and flat out embarrassing to the rest.

And the whole throwing for 316 yards and then having people play numerology games to equate it to Bible verses is, well, just silly. What it really means is that he threw for 316 yards, not 315 or 317.

Nothing else.

Or, for those still insistent upon playing number-association games, realize that Tebow threw for 136 yards Saturday night, which if twisted correctly by delusional minds, also references John 3:16, albeit in an even stranger way.

Or better yet, Tom Brady threw for 363 yards and six touchdowns. The two 3’s add up to 6, forming a perfect 6-6-6, which of course means … absolutely nothing.

Anyway, Tim Tebow appears to be a genuinely nice person, and I love what he has meant to the NFL this season. Win at the last minute or be slaughtered the entire game, the guy seems to be the same either way. He is a breath of fresh air for professional sports, especially with buffoons like Chicago’s Sam Hurd making headlines.

There’s more than enough nastiness going on the world for us to bother making a big deal out of a football player who does the equivalent of kissing a rabbit’s foot after each game.

And that’s all it is — a game.

Richard Carnes of Edwards writes weekly. He can be reached at

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