Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: Edwards! (Insert witticism here) |

Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: Edwards! (Insert witticism here)

Flipping through these very pages last week, I came across an ad from the Edwards Community Authority (who knew?) asking for ideas to help design a logo for Edwards to be used for a new entrance sign located somewhere in the vicinity of the current construction mess known as “Creating Lanes Using Scream-inducing Technology for Edwards Roundabouts Fiasco” (CLUSTER-F).

Once I understood they (the ECA, which is conveniently headed by a neighbor) were serious, my first thought was, “Wow, they are serious.”

My-my, quaint little Edwards wishes for an identity.

Realizing that a logo is visual, I felt the need to add a slogan as well, especially since I’m not allowed to use graphics in my column, so, with visuals of your own making sitting quietly in your head as you read, the following are potential slogans to be etched in accordingly.

For those desiring to compare Edwards with Vail:

We can see Vail from here!

Vail West!

Twice the house, half the price!

Our roads close less often!

Single digit movie prices!

We only need one more roundabout!

Comparing Edwards with other areas:

West Avon!

Our roundabouts are newer!

No Bob, just Ed!

Lots of guys named Edward!

No town tax!

We’ll NEVER incorporate!

We can see Kobe’s room from here!

County Dump for unwanted building projects!

Like Eagle, only newer!

We have a high school!

3 2 1 ice cream shops!

Six golf courses! (depending on where you think our borders are)

The list could be endless, but for most of us, Edwards is simply a community of locals, many of whom used to live upvalley but concluded it would be better to raise kids surrounded by other kids as opposed to second-home owners that are rarely home.

It is where we buy our groceries, shop for clothes, dine at restaurants, drink at bars, sip lattes, watch movies, play golf, play soccer, work out, hike, run, relax and send the kids to school.

In other words, I think the best slogans are always the simplest, therefore I suggest we call it: Home.

I’ll leave it up to someone else to come up with a picture of an old log house with a snow-capped peak in the background to fulfill the logo request.

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