Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: Either way, the love is there |

Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: Either way, the love is there

You gotta love the Republicans.

They lose the game (in this case an election), and then act as if the gridiron contest is not over, insisting overtime is deserved even though the opposing team scored a winning touchdown as time expired.

They get the majority of their information from government-regulated airwaves while driving cars and trucks from government-bailed-out companies on government-built roads with their government-educated kids drinking bottled H2O from government-regulated water systems while vacationing in government-run national parks, all the while screaming incessantly about what they have been sold as the apocalyptic pit known as socialism.

They think their beliefs in magical beings make them a better person in spite of their behavior when actually it is their behavior that defines them.

On the other hand (most of us have two), you gotta love the Democrats.

They win an election, and then act as if the world as we know it should now cater to their every whim.

They get the majority of their information from the same places, drive the same roads in the same cars and trucks, their kids go to the same schools and drink the same bottled water while vacationing in the same parks, all the while wondering what’s next in the government supply pipeline to keep them happy.

It’s all so goddamn silly and repetitive, blaming one another for each others’ woes and refusing to realize the actual problem resides in a mirror.

There, I said it.

Does it make you angry when I generalize the snot out of both parties? It should, and except for those cases where I mean it, I don’t really mean any of it. Except for maybe a couple of things.

So here we sit, only a few weeks from this silly “fiscal cliff,” and we are actually debating which side is drawing the bigger line in the sand? Really?

McConnell, Boehner and Cantor are just as shallow, self-serving and predictable as Reid, Pelosi and Geithner, none caring any more for their constituents than Hostess execs cared about their employees.

The donkeys are trying to prove they have a mandate, while the elephants are positioning themselves for the 2014 midterms, neither learning a thing from the election, both as stubborn as ever with each public speech reading like a typical piece from The Onion.

Go off the damn cliff already. Let’s all jump head first together. We created it, let’s at least do something to kill the beast.

Let the Bush tax cuts expire. Let all of the spending cuts occur, including defense. Lower corporate tax rates, cut entitlements and then let’s move forward.

Grow a pair.

But the real reason I say we “gotta love ’em” is simple, as even though they are donkeys, elephants, independents, black, white, brown, theists, non-theists, homos, heteros, etc., the one trait they all share is American citizenry (I’m talking voters, of course). Hopefully someday we’ll realize that we’re all on the same friggin’ team.

Yet for some reason I’m not holding my breath.

Richard Carnes of Edwards writes weekly. He can be reached at

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