Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: Giving thanks to whatever |

Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: Giving thanks to whatever

If this is a week to give thanks, then who are we thanking and for what are we thanking them?

I don’t know about you, but for me this annual week of Thanksgiving has evolved over the decades into a simple celebration of family, and little more. It’s sort of like a Diet Christmas, because we pretty much (over) eat the same high-fat artery-lining crap, only it comes without the high-priced gifts and presents to take the mental sting off the high weight gain.

So there’s really no one to actually thank, except for those around us who we love and care about and are lucky enough to visit during the week, and in many cases just on Thursday.

Sure, some will want to thank one omnipotent thingamajig or another. But face it, most of us already know how a mirror works.

Still, if you insist on asking who I wish to thank for what or what I wish to thank for whom, here are a few personal considerations, but not in a straight list form as that’s about as creative as letters to the editor about Obama.

I, of course, am thankful that my family is happy and healthy, but hesitate to say they feel reciprocal at all times.

I am appreciative that Eagle County government is not in the art business, and unlike the town of Vail, is not tormented with the apparently pressure-filled $250,000 question of what to do with a pile of rocks sitting in a warehouse.

I am grateful that I have never traded bibs during a bike race or ridden a bike immediately in front of a pretend Donald Trump with snoring issues.

I am happy knowing that restitution is the job of a judge and jury, not a district attorney, but would be happier if others knew it as well.

I am ecstatic it has been snowing.

I am positively giddy that marijuana is a medicine for some and a recreational getaway for others, but wish one study or another would prove long-term medicinal properties for grain alcohol as well.

I am pleasured by the thought of Sarah Palin being a star on the TV stage so we no longer have to listen to her nonsensical babblings on the political stage. Her voice reminds me of a female Andy Rooney with low self-esteem at cheerleading camp.

I am in virtual harmony with the Harry Potter series coming to a theatrical end. I enjoyed the books and the movies immensely, and am thankful the entire world seemed to enjoy them as well.

I am forever grateful for football season, and will forever dream of the Broncos and/or Cowboys returning to the Super Bowl.

Truth be told though, these are all things I am thankful for year-round, for the most part, so this week is actually nothing unusual.

I guess I’m just saying that to all of you out there in Happy Valley, do your best to enjoy it with whomever for whatever reasons you choose.

And then tell them, “Thanks.”

Richard Carnes of Edwards writes weekly. He can be reached at Comment on

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