Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: That’s a wrap on Christmas |

Vail Daily columnist Richard Carnes: That’s a wrap on Christmas

‘Tis 48 hours after Christmas

And in the valley called Vail,

All the presents are unwrapped

‘Cept those still stuck in the mail.

‘Tis a great place to be

For this most wonderful week,

Even behind the stuffy gates

Of good ol’ Beaver Creek.

Christmas in Vail

Is there no finer place,

To relax from worries

With snow in your face?

It’s true we are spoiled

Our own Rocky Mountain Riviera,

It’s easy with celebs

Like Lindsey and Sarah.

We celebrate the spirit

Of holidays and snow,

While town trees are wrapped

In a tax-funded glow.

But hey, we’re not hypocrites

We just like to play,

Whether public or private

Most are happy to pay (within reason).

Even the kids are elated

Running in circles and laughing,

While merchants are worried

About holiday staffing.

We know the real world

Is still out there … somewhere,

But that’s part of the beauty

Keeping us sharp and aware.

It’s a reason we live here

But not the only one,

The options are endless

For us to have fun.

Yes, we love the mountains

Pines all covered with snow,

No amount of negative news

Can ruin our festive flow.

And this week is special

Comes but once a year,

It’s the only time to enjoy

My annual Christmas beer.

But that’s not the point

The brew’s just for me,

Yet for some of you reading

It’s your only chance to ski.

So get off your butt

And quit reading the paper,

Go get on the hill

And don’t forget your wax scraper.

It’s why you are here

Whether meek, freak or chic,

No matter what you are back home

Go work on that downhill technique.

Yes, the economy stinks

And unemployment does suck,

We have Congress to thank

Their wild spending’s run amuck.

But Bin Laden is dead

Of this we are certain,

Yet what concerns us now

Is behind Iran’s nuclear curtain.

Yet while most still worry

About some nutcase ayatollah,

We concentrate on building

A brand spankin’ new gondola!

And this is the one time of year

We’re all nice to each other,

Sharing food and drink

With politeness we smother.

The snow finally showed (sort of)

A thick blanket of fluff,

Reminding us for a bit

That life’s not so rough.

So though much is a mess

And all seems in trouble,

We’re still safe and warm

In our Rocky Mountain bubble.

Yes, the world can be nasty

Full of evil and strife,

But for us in the Vail Valley

It is indeed a Wonderful Life!


Read it and weep

Try your best not to get sick,

Even though you just read

The 12th crappy Christmas poem, by Dick.

Richard Carnes of Edwards an be reached at

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